How many blueshirts is Arkansas planning on signing

in this class?

Besides Henry, who else is committed that is a planned blueshirt?


Not certain, but this might be the last one.

Thank you.


What is the difference in a greyshirt and a blueshirt? This is the first year I remember hearing about the blueshirt.

Are there some other colors we don’t know about? :smiley:

A grayshirt signs in February but does not report for practice in August. He reports in January, thus his five-year clock starts ticking then.

Blueshirts can enroll (and join the team) as soon as school starts. They can go on scholarship right away if there are fewer than 85, or wait until January if the scholie list is full.

I just learned that some people refer to early enrollees, such as the nine or so we just got, as “greenshirts”. Had not heard that one before.

Unlike a gray shirt, a blue shirt can report in the summer as a walkon and play in the fall and either go on scholarship the first day of classes in the fall or in Jan. and count towards next year’s class.

So it seems that UA values Henry and the others that are blueshirting to someone that they could sign in 2018. Correct?

As far as I know, not only are there no other blueshirts, but Henry is the first blueshirt to come into our program. I think it’s purely a case of they want him, they can bring him in as a blueshirt without taking up a spot in the '17 allotment, and they’ll let the '18 class take care of itself when the time comes. Blueshirting, by the way, is one of the tricks Tennessee has been using to bring in these huge classes.

My mistake. I thought others had been mentioned.

Actually, you are correct. I had missed this, but Gabe Richardson and Ty Clary apparently will be blue shirts as well.

Seems like 2018 might be a small class

The thing about blueshirts is you can keep rolling them forward. Sign 22 with 3 more blueshirts and you still get 25 next year.

Unless we have a ton of attrition 2018 is going to be small anyway, as Swine Fusion stated once you start on the Blueshirt path just keep going with it and it really won’t limit your class size, its like you are accruing an expense going forward.

Well, eventually pushing forward catches up, lol. As a farmer, I know about pushing income forward and preparing expenses, but after so long it catches up. Oh, and don’t retire without a plan, or you’ll have a year’s income with no expenses. It’s best to have a lot of life insurance, haha.


And all 3 are worth it to me.

Time to win now

But with regard to “signing” blueshirts, these players can’t actually sign and submit an LOI, right? Isn’t that part of the fine print? And if they don’t, then they aren’t really bound to the UA until they actually enroll. Is this also true?


Eventually the tax man cometh LOL!

Easy now I don’t think any of the 3 or 4 are going to help us win now in a large way. If you think 3 you are tipping your hand, either one we are speculating on is getting a commitable offer, or we aren’t getting Richardson.

It is telling that you think that those 3 are ready to contribute to win right now. Sounds we’ve missed on quite a few the previous few years if you think these blueshirts will contribute to wins next year