How many basketball commits have signed?

Who has not signed yet?

How worried are we about the ones who have not signed?

Can we keep this class together?


What happened today to keep them from signing? I doubt anything.

To answer your question, only one has signed. Davis.

The other three have not signed, yet.

Always rumors when kids don’t sign, don’t read too much into it unless Dudley or RD get worried.

RD and DD are the only ones I trust when it comes to the hogs! There’s too many people out there that try so hard to be first to report things they fail to get it right.
Everything we see out on the court all of these young men that are expected to sign see too. That’s depth and an immediate need for them to come in and play next season and impact the games!

That is what you and I can agree on.


I always worry until a kid signs whether we are a bubble or final four team.

That is my worry too and that is how I earned The half empty label.

Nothing is done until it us done.

Sometimes we think it’s a done deal when a player signs but that’s not a guarantee either!

Like they said above, Davis is the only signee.

Nothing indicates the others won’t sign in April.

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