How long?

How long since we’ve run the gamut of SWC foes? How long since we’ve had a FG kicker we could count on?

and with a name Little.

Can’t here the kids name and my first thought is Steve… If he ends up an equal we will be “Pretty darn good”

I don’t think Cam has the long range of Steve but Cam is a LOT more consistent. S. Little was under 60% on career field goals and also missed 10 extra points.

Cam’s range with the footballs Steve kicked might be similar.


Steve could use a tee too.

Didn’t Steve have a stub foot to, makes a difference.


He was a soccer style kicker

The guy with the half foot was the kicker for the Saints, held the NFL record for more than 40 years.
63 yds
Tom Dempsey

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That’s right, thanks for the correction.

Of course Steve Little was THE iconic Razorback kicker. But without looking it up, I think we have had more accurate kickers since then. Ish Ordonez comes to mind. Steve Little was in my brother’s dorm when he was at the U of A. Nice kid, just a student struggling financially like most students, certainly no NIL back then. And Tom Dempsey? He kicked the 63 yard game winning FG in the old Sugar Bowl at Tulane Stadium, against the Cowboys, blowing the Saints’ chance for a #1 draft pick, right across the street from my dorm at Tulane. When I asked a woman exiting the stadium who won, she said the Saints won on a 63 yard FG. I thought to myself that she must know nothing about football, that’s impossible. My friend joked “They say football is a game of inches, but this one was decided by half a foot”.

Considering the fact that Zack Hocker kicked through narrower uprights and wasn’t aloud to place kick off a tee, he might been the best we ever had.

Kendall Trainor made like 24 FGs in a row after he almost kicked himself out of a job. Ish set what was then the national record for consecutive made FGs until UHouston tipped one that would have tied them at the end of the game in 1979. Hocker was money too. Then we had a few who weren’t so dependable…

Don’t forget about Bruce Lahay. All-American that made 19 / 24 field goals and 31 / 31 PAT’s.

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