How long is Wegner out?

Any updates on this?

It’s too early to know. Van Horn said last night that he will be evaluated tomorrow before the game.

I’ll be surprised if he’s in the lineup tonight.

Well that’s a huge loss… Some of these other guys better get on the ball to take up his slack… not good to lose your best hitter in such a huge series.

Confirmed: he is out tonight. Bohrofen will start in left field and Diggs will start in right.

Diggs is not exactly the best outfielder let’s hope and pray he does good tonight. I do like the idea of McLaughlin DH though… I think he’s going to be a great hitter

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Wegner is on the lineup card this weekend, so it seems his availability is going to be on a game-by-game basis.

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Great! We always need his big bat

I just heard the news on the radio and stated a game thread. I hope Wegner gets back in lineup soon.

He played left field the last inning.

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