How long have intrasquad games been called scrimmages?

In my day they were called practices, not being picky just wondered.

Scrimmages, intrasquad games, practices - they’re all interchangeable to me. In my opinion, anything that simulates a game is considered a scrimmage, and that is what the baseball team does a lot during its practice time.

If it’s live pitching in baseball or live tackling in football, it’s a scrimmage. You might have a scrimmage within a practice. You don’t have to move the ball for it to be a football scrimmage. It might be situational. And you can scrimmage in baseball without changing sides after three outs. At least, that’s my opinion.

How long have these terms been used? As long as I can recall.

I am giving my age away, maybe my mind. Thanks.

I’m 65. So I’m not young. but I do understand we have some old codgers here.

Lol. Haven’t heard old codger term in a while.
Count me as an old codger.

This is one of my favorite stories. It’s one of the first times I realized I might be getting old.

I got crowded out of a good hole on the Norfork River this winter by a couple of college age “kids.” I had been doing ok, but left the spot when they flanked and then squeezed me. There are other good spots and I waded about 800 yards up the river and did well there, too.

Eventually, they moved up there, too. So I just went back to where I had been fishing. I really like to be solo anyway.

They started back down the river after a bit and noticed I was back at the spot they had left – where they had crowded me out. I was catching big browns. Apparently, they had not caught a fish there.

Sound travels pretty good on the river. I could hear them talking among themselves. One said, “Look at that old codger catching browns. He’s putting on a clinic and we are the ones getting schooled.” The other said, “You think he’d help us?” The other one, “Not after what we did starting out down there.”

At that point I hollered at them and waved them down. I gave them some ruby midges and a few pointers on how to approach someone catching fish and what is good river etiquette. I’ve helped many a youngster on the river if they asked for help and took care not to crowd me. I’ve given away many ruby midges.

But if you don’t act the right way, I have actually told someone the wrong fly. It’s not much fun to do that. I don’t like it. I’d rather give a nice youngster a ruby midge and then show them how to get it rigged right. No one really can tell what fly you’ve got on your tippet from 10 yards, much less 30 yards.

At the end, I told these two, “It’s OK, I’m not mad, I’m just glad to finally get a little respect.”

One of the guys said, “What you mean?” I said, “Old codger is a title that isn’t easily earned. That’s a first for me.” They laughed long and hard. And, all three of us caught a brown trout and I headed off to my truck.

Good story. The deeper I get into my 80’s the more I see a difference in my generation and the newest one. One thing I have trouble with is eating in a restaurant and noticing most younger folks are not talking but punching a keyboard and some even eating with one hand and typing with the other. But most younger ones grab the food from a drive through and head out.

Hey, I resemble that!

I have gotten in habit of leaving phone in car when eating out with anyone, but especially my wife. It just eliminates the urge to answer a text that almost always can wait.

I always think of “scrimmage” as a football term. Perhaps I shouldn’t limit it like that, but I do.

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