How long has Barnes been at TN?

He had taken a football school with no significant basketball tradition and turned them into a powerhouse in a hurry.

Sure would be nice to be relevant on the basketball scene again.

I’m not confident we will be. Arkansas is putting out some good talent. If we can’t become relevant in the next 2 or 3 years, it probably won’t happen under this coach.

He has a good resume, but he has been living on what he accomplished elsewhere.

It’s time MA steps up.

TN group has really grown up over the years. I’ve always enjoyed beating them, but they have really grown up into a powerhouse over time. Several great young guys that grown up and turned into a top notch team.

I can easily see that happing here with these young guys.

TN has had good BB programs off and on over the years. Their rise lately is not that surprising, same as other programs (so called football programs) in the SEC.
Kentucky rising up in football is more of a phenom.

Admiral Schofield and Williams were 3 star recruits and weren’t highly recruited. They both have worked their rear ends off in the weight room and in the gym. 2 seniors that have experience and play within the teams flow on both ends of the floor.
Barnes will coach as long as he wants too and retire right there!

Actually Mikes record here is very similar to his other stops. If you take a look back he has one season at each school with single digit losses. 1 tie for 1st at UAB, and a best of 3rd in the standings at Mizzou. Both stops are at good basketball schools with decent tradition. His teams traditionally get better towards the end of the season. We are getting exactly what we hired. I do believe we have advantages at Arkansas that those other two programs do not.

We had a serious problem with the basketball program when Mike arrived. Now we have kids that graduate and for the most part are solid citizens. I think we have enough talent coming up in our state to win at a high level if we can land enough of it. We have to keep getting the big guys. We must have multiple shooters. It’s the way the game is currently played. My favorite thing about Mike is that he is such a fine man and instills that into the kids he lands. My biggest concern with Mike is his being able to recruit kids that have pro potential. I am not talking about the one and dones but kids that can stay 3 years, grow into their game and then have an NBA career.

Barnes had a very solid record at Texass. They were foolish to run him off.

When Barnes was at Texas he went to the dance I think 14 out of 15 years ! WPS

As someone who lives in Austin, Barnes was well thought of and a great coach.

He dipped a touch at the same time everyone was upset with football program.

Many joked that everyone was so upset with Mack Brown that they fired Barnes.

TX b-ball has not really been relevant much since.

As to comparisons to Mike’s now longer tenure, there are several turn around stories in SEC with guys getting it done in relatively quick fashion.

Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, LSU, TN and others.

Will they have consistent success, who knows but they are relevant nationally.

The next six coaches we face and their tenure at their current school:

Rick Barnes - year 4
Kermit Davis - year 1
Cuonzo Martin - year 2
Chris Beard - year 3
Tom Crean - year 1
Will Wade - year 2

This does not help Mike’s case I’m afraid.

This program needs a chip on its shoulder again whether Mike or someone else.