How long does Knight go

He now enjoys a 5 run lead. It’s awfully hot but his pitch count isn’t huge. See how he opens the next inning?

Pitch count is not that high but he’s starting to get the ball up a little more they may go with loske in the 8th

He’s going into the 8th. Not a lot of pitches, and saving the bullpen for the rest of the weekend.

I’m surprised to see him come out for the 8th . . . not sure I agree.

Cruised through the 8th. We’ll see if DVH lets him get the CG.

Do we let him finish the game? It’d be nice to have all our remaining pitchers the rest of the weekend

Now up 7, I kinda like pitching Scroggins in the 9th. Low risk if he doesn’t have it, he needs the work, and it saves those arms we might need tomorrow and Sunday

Well-pitched game by Knight and good decision to go to Scroggins in the 9th. Thought DVH’s strategy should help for the weekend.