How Long Does A&M Put Up With This

Jimbo and his jumbo contract have to be sticking in the crawl of the Aggies! They didn’t pay him all this guaranteed $ to go 7-5. They are being dominated by LSU tonight.

Looks like a bargain to me. He’s made about 1 million per win this year.

Chad made 1.75 million per win this year.

But your point is well taken. Ole Jimbo is under performing.

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Hopefully they put up with it for a looooong time haha

Everybody has to remember they are Aggies :grinning:

And he doesn’t have a likeable personality either

In fairness, just about everybody has been dominated by LSU this year. Texas A&M had a brutal schedule this year. After tonight it will have played four of the top five in the current playoff rankings.

Yes but, the Aggie band just made the marching LSUers look like a middle school band. Go Fightin Aggie Band!

Best marching band. Period

I hope they keep him a long time! They aren getting whipped just like everybody else that have played LSU.

He don’t have to worry about cash for retirement!

I hope they give him an extension.