How is that not our ball with 2seconds?

Speechless. Did I miss something in the rulebook?

My theory: Someone from Kentucky gave the SEC office a real chewing after the way the LSU game ended a couple of weeks back. Replay is all centrally reviewed at the SEC office and nothing close was going to hurt Kentucky tonight.

Any one of three things - the inbounder’s movement, the ball off the UK player’s arm and Herro’s shove - should have given Arkansas the ball with two seconds left. But that’s life at Rupp.

I think there is also a tendency to give UK the benefit of the doubt with the call on the floor, which influences replays that are inconclusive.

Just get rid of replay altogether. They still get just as many calls wrong. It’s pointless. And it allows them to engineer games even more than they did without it.

Maybe I’ve missed something thru the years but what was Jimmy talking about “the 3 foot rule” Move both feet and you walked. He moved both feet twice before inbounding.

When you inbound the ball on a dead ball situation you can’t run the base line. It should have been called just like at Texas Tech!

UK Jimmy made that one up on the fly. Not a rule.

The guy walked. Plain as day. Then the ball was off of them. Oh, and they committed an offensive foul, too.

Because the pro boxing judges on the court and back at the office said it wasn’t.

They are a JOKE!! Just like uk jimmy!!!

Total BS!! Stevie Wonder can see that ball went off the his elbow … morons.