How is Tenn. kicking a_s in recruiting?

Recruiting is a losing battle. If you are doing great in recruiting, you are cheating. If you aren’t, you suck as a recruiter. If you win with talent, well it was the talent and not the coaching. The only time a coach gets any credit is when he wins with a bunch of no-names, and when is that last time that happened anywhere. I think the goals is to get and keep depth. As much as you can have. Football, baseball, basketball, should all have depth. That’s when I complain. Why were we so depleted on the lines and at qb in football. No depth. 2 coaches lost their job because of it. Why were we so depleted in SF’s and PF’s in basketball? 3 coaches have lost their job because it. How much depth do we have in baseball, and it’s an endless cycle with the draft. Muss should emulate DVH. I think he is with transfers. Sign as many as you can. That’s the future of recruiting, if it’s not already the standard.

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Arkansas football has been irrelevant since Petrino was fired. Arkansas has only been a national player when it’s coaching is sensational and that coaching coincides with a strong recruiting class that consists of talented homegrown players. The only Arkansas football team to finish as a top 5;team since the Holtz coached Orange bowl champions.was Petrino’s last team. That has been the only team in 40+ years to reach that level of relevance.
In basketball, the same standards apply. The best teams were led by homegrown players and players from our close geographic area. Until we have have outstanding coaching combined with a great recruiting class that includes in state players, the odds for success are against us. Much of the optimism about Razorback Basketball centers around all the Arkansas recruits. This class coupled with Muss’ coaching skills should be an outstanding team. It certainly fits the pattern of Arkansas players leading a team to great success. Coach Muss is a top tier coach. It is too early to tell about Coach Pittman, but he could be a coach that has the skills to appear suddenly on the national level. Pittman could really confound the national pundits if he continues to recruit well in this state and region.

I understand why Petrino was fired. I also knew that Jeff Long would not be able to hire another coach that won like Petrino did. That’s why I hated that Petrino was fired. Only Broyles in the 60’s and Holtz in the late 70’s had that kind of high level success. Since Sutton and Richardson, basketball has been a non factor in the SEC and nationally. Thank goodness for Coach Van Horn and his Omahogs. I hope that we dig out of the cellar in football and that basketball continues to improve.

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