How is Tenn. kicking a_s in recruiting?

Jeremy Pruitt is a moron


Money, money, money! MONEY$

Tennessee is a National Brand… All their recent coaches (Dooley, Butch, & now Pruitt) have pulled top classes.

IMO AD Fulmer probably has a whole lot of involvement in this scenario.

and of course one would be amiss without mentioning their ace drawing card P. Manning’s possibilities.

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Having lived in TN the last 22 years I love to get under the skin of my Big Orange friends. So I remind them that firing Fulmer may not have been a good choice. Of coarse they quickly remind me of the wonderful decisions Arkansas has made.

They always recruit well. It’s the coaching them up that has suffered.

even better in basketball for recruiting. Even here in Nashville if UT wants the kid and Vandy wants the kid then the inevitable winner will be 97% UT. If the implication in the OP was illegal monetary recruiting then just say it happens at every school (UA included) every once in awhile if a booster falls in love with the recruiting lore of the kid. Try to get Sam to say something bad about JP… bet you cannot get that to happen. TN is a national brand and has a nice campus with many of the same appeals as NW AR. Kind of an obvious answer to the OP. I top LD having been at Vandy for 26 years now.

I think those that downplay Jeremy Pruitt’s ability to recruit and coach are making a mistake. He is not a good sound byte. But I think he is intentionally boring in front of the microphone in order to discourage anyone from wanting to interview him. He is like Saban in that way. While others were making fun of Tennessee for that hire, I was under the impression from some of my Alabama sources that it might turn out well in Knoxville.

The clear indication to me is that he may sound like one, but he isn’t.

As someone said earlier, Tennessee is a national brand and that helps out.

Similar results to Butch Jones IYAM. ghg

My family and I moved to Nashville, Tn. in '72 And other than myself rambling from state to state for different jobs from time to time the Nashville area has basically been my home. Volunteering for a 2 yr. stint during the viet nam war is inclusive in my 48 yrs. here I’ve been putting up with rocky top for waaaaay more than I deserve. I chose to favor Vanderbilt back in the 70’s-80’s when I wanted to go see sec sports live and then…AND THEN The Razorbacks joined the s e c and I was ecstatic! GHG

From what I see, Pruitt is a hard azz, similiar to Saban, but without the record. I wonder if he won’t run off as much talent as he recruits. Tennessee seems to always recruit well, as stated earlier, even the less successful coaches recruited well. They have a lot going for them, tradition, high profile, huge stadium and huge budgets. I have always thought their location was a big plus, proximity to Atlanta, the Carolina’s, Southern Ohio etc. Plus Tennessee High School football is drastically improved with a lot more prospects and a good size population.

Vandys’ shortfall has always been keeping a good coach here long enough. That’s why I was surprised as anyone that Scottie Pippin Jr. became a commodore although I know the reasons why including Pippin Sr.'s possible nudge.

Tennessee has a great tradition and has historically recruited well. They were down for several years, but I never expected them to stay down in the doldrums, forever. Apparently, they are on the road back to being relevant in college football. Maybe, one day the Razorbacks will get back there again.

There are many fans on this board that wanted to hire Pruitt in the past for no other reason than his recruiting abilities. I’m not sure of his coaching, but his recruiting ability has never been in question, and no one that has followed him should be the least bit surprised in the results.

No matter how well you recruit it’s results on the field that keep your job. We’ll see.

Arkansas hoops hasn’t been to the sweet 16 since the 90s and last won a natty in 1994. We just signed the fifth ranked class in the country. I suspect many are wondering the same thing about Ark Hoops as the OP is about UT football

Good point 09…and TN has not won a NC since 98. Oh yeah that’s the one that we gave them…


Of course the Razorbacks’ four high school signees are from Arkansas so that should pass the smell test.

Of course, but how often do people on message boards and Twitter mouth off about such topics without having a fuller understanding of the situation? Two of the four didn’t play basketball in Arkansas last year. A cursory glance at the list of commits could make you scratch your head (or bellyache about cheating) if you didn’t know better. Especially since it was presumed that before Muss came on board the likelihood of signing all four seemed slim to none.