How is O line recruiting coming along?

Any shot at immediate help out of juco ranks?

This class of course hugely important on both sides of ball and for speed, but hopeful we are on some quick game changers for the O line.


They’re in on several JUCO guys. But to expect them to come in and Be difference makers right away is highly unlikely, imo.

Tim Anderson of Saddleback JC in Cal will officially visit for the Bama game.

Chibueze Nwanna of Lackawanna will visit in Dec.

Josh Donovan of Trinity Valley plans to visit. He was one of the guys I was going to see in East Texas on Tuesday until I had something come up.

Josh Cooper of Navarro will also visit in Dec.

Myron Cunningham of Iowa Central plans to visit in Nov.

Thank you. Keeping fingers crossed.

Donovan is visit Oct. 20.

Richard, you said recently that you think the Hogs will now sign as many as 29 and count some back. Does this mean they will likely commit/sign more than two additional o-linemen to the ones already committed? It seems like they need to if they are ever going to catch up to the numbers they need there.

I can see them signing six OL. Heck maybe more if it’s the right guys. Like the 22-23 they originally said they would sign, the numbers are fluid.

I think it would be a huge mistake to sign more than two more OL. That would be a total of five for 2019. There is too many misses when going after juco OL. Arkansas has only two seniors in 1919, Colton Jackson and Austin Capps.

Arkansas has ten returning OL for 2019, five new signees would bring the number to 15 for the 2019 season. Lose C Jackson and A Capps would leave the number returning at 13 for 2020 season.

Sign four new OL for 2020 recruiting class would bring the number up to 17 for 2020 roster.

Any chance of flipping Wilkins?

I would say unlikely. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

I agree with what you are saying for the most part.

But if you could flip a top-notch high school committed elsewhere and believe he is better than the rest, I would take four high school guys and two junior college guys