How is Missouri recruiting so well

They are having an incredible year… listened to one analysts say they could possibly be top 10 mention that there’s a pretty good in-state talent this year but they’re getting more than in-state if they’re going to end up in top 10 …how are they doing it??

I was thinking the same thing this morning as I noticed they are the #10 ranked team in recruiting.

I looked at their commits they do have a bunch in Missouri but the quarterback out of Georgia, Sam Horn,played for Collins Hill who were state champs and ranked nationally.He is a great player I wonder what the appeal for him is going to Missouri…

One thing about it Youda - if the 2 transfers we just got were factored into the mix, we would be kicking their butts


Pretty sure he wants to play Baseball and Mizzou is allowing him to do so.

There has to be something to it for sure.

True!! And we still may get the Mbake kid who is a four-star receiver.I like what we’re doing as well I was just shocked to see Missouri doing that great

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I don’t really get it, but I remember at SEC Media Days that the SEC Network talking heads were loving them some Eli Drinkwitz. He was funny and a good interview. Maybe he comes off better with recruits than what it would appear to us.

banner year in St Louis for one thing in terms of overall numbers of prospects and they had great early success in recruiting for this cycle based on momentum from last year. Quite frankly, Mizzou had underperformed in St Louis for quite some time (according to their own boosters and fans).

I’m not an ED fan for sure but he did play well in the media at times. He has had to take a humbler approach lately.

They can be decent just from keeping St Louis and KC kids home. They need a few others as well, but that is where they have to do well.

For sure, I’m not a fan of ED, either! :joy:

Sorry; couldn’t help myself. :smirk:


Mizzery = VOMIT :face_vomiting:

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I’m sure they would say the same of Arkansas but I really can’t see any benefit of going to Missouri.

Morris sold early playing time. Maybe that’s what’s happening.

We lose pretty much all starters on defense I would think if I was a defensive player I’d be wanting to come to Arkansas

Well, I would love to hear the negative hypotheses about why A&M is in all likelihood gonna be #1 in recruiting this year. Their Dline class is killer. I saw the Powell TN (knoxville neighborhood, not suburb) play and physically he has first round NFL written all over him then they get the blowU decommit and are ruling the roost for DL. Mizzou is certainly a competitor to us for signees but A$M is racking up TX where we need to succeed and always have needed TX top notch kids for us to win and be a national power or even just valid.

I wouldn’t think many would be too surprised at A&M’s successful recruiting…… thus no negative hypothesis. The Aggies are in a hotbed and have a staff of really good recruiters who emphasize recruiting. Talent has always been in their backyard, they have always had the money to spend, and they have taken advantage of the vacuum created by the decade of mediocrity in Austin (ok, I guess there’s the negative hypothesis).

Fortunately for us and everyone else, Jimbo Underperforming Fisher is still in charge of things down there. A&M will lose 2-4 games almost every year, and that is not “almost Alabama” (as some claim A&M is).

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If Jim Bo goes 8-4 or 7-5 next season it won’t matter if he brings in the #1 recruiting class his seat will melt! He may need to install an ice machine to cool his rear end off! Personally I think Jim Bo is having an issue with Karma!
Playing Winston in order to win the NC showed his true colors! “Win at all cost”.
I wouldn’t want my kid or grandkids playing for him! Eventually he will end up like Sumlin did ran out of town. He can take his fancy cowboy hat and boots and put them away.
Missouri and the nerd are having an exceptional year on the droit in trial. That’s a huge surprise! His tactics with the media especially after the Florida win might have helped him. He sure may not benefit from the Addition of OU and TX to the SEC. The East vs the West schedule is like night and day! No matter how it changes his record will be rough to keep at or above 500! Good luck to them both. If I had to take my choice of which one of these guys to root for it would be the nerd.
The Hogs should be able to beat Missouri and finish higher in the recruiting ranking than they do.
Our hogs need to hold on to the futile ground of Texas for Crootin.

They still have a lot of controversy on that campus, not sure the appeal. WPS

The quarterback out of Georgia is a player… We will have to deal with him for a few years… I like our class too. I think we will be just fine going head-to-head with them.