How is Mike Norvell recruiting this well -

Just dont get it

He’s at Florida State.

The surprise would be if he wasn’t recruiting well - not thathe is

FSU Seminoles Football Recruiting - School Commitments - ESPN

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He’s going to do a fabulous job there. Still can’t believe the Einsteins up there picked Morris. Norvell beat SMU to death when they faced off.

We picked the goofy Aggie who’s now a HS coach over the rising star with Arkansas ties.

Football program malpractice


Although it seems the people who made that decision are no longer making decisions.

Not even here anymore after that swing and a miss.


Don’t cry

Nor should they be…… thank God they are gone.

Not crying……just can’t believe we didn’t hire Norvell and went with the guy you wanted to give a third year :sunglasses:

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I feel like Florida State is a program that kind of sells itself, no matter the coach.

And they can still be bad.

Well, as I am sure you know, the reason being tossed around was they did not around want to even have a hint of another Petrino off the field situation.

But if not him, still clearly should have been somebody else than Morris


Give me wicked and winning… the SEC is a league of sinners and winners and it’s never going to change.


He works extremely hard and I would imagine he demands the same from his staff. Much like Pittman.

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They don’t call it Free Shoes U for nothing.

And don’t forget the “complimentary crab”.

Norvell was always on my short list when be picked up Morris & again when looking for his replacement. Read here that we burned out bridges when we hired Morris over Norvell & perhaps why he was not interested the 2nd time around.

Always considered him a young potentially great up & comer coach with AR ties. He made recruiting for OM & Miss St difficult since he recruited so many for Memphis St out of Mississippi. Hopefully that continues while at FL St.

Correct on second go around - he wasn’t interested per somebody that would know.

A trained monkey could recruit FSU. Norvel still has a lot to prove at FSU.

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I figure we dodged a bullet and then got plugged by a different one. Those kneejerk decisions have a nasty bad percentage to them.

He can beat GA Tech now

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