How is KJ Jefferson developing?

Haven’t really heard much about how he’s looking in practice, just curious as to how he’s developing. Watching Saturday I felt like that’s something the offense needs, a more mobile quarterback. Mond isn’t the best runner in the world but he can scramble and get you 10 when needed, I wouldn’t describe Hicks or Starkel that way. I remember hearing that Jefferson is a pocket qb who can run if needed and that sounds like what the doctor ordered for this offense.

And to piggyback on this, I hear he did not travel this past weekend. Anything to this?

Nope…you can only travel w a limited #…whatever the rule is…you don’t waste a spot by taking 4 QB’s.

He didn’t travel. I typically type out Arkansas’ travel roster in our live updates blog before road games. He traveled to Ole Miss, but did not go to Arlington.

They do take four QBs, if you count Jack Lindsey, the holder. They took five to Ole Miss, counting Jefferson and Lindsey.

I’ve heard good things about Jefferson, but it’s difficult to give everyone the kind of work that you would like. I think they have rotated quarterbacks with the scout team to try to make sure that no one is stuck there and doesn’t get exposure to the Morris/Craddock offensive system.

it will hurt again not to make a bowl game and get those extra 15 practices. the sjs game might loom disastrous in more ways than one.

I think you state the obvious. You have to do things in practice to get these young ones reps now.

What about the 4 games freshman can plan and still retain their redshirt year? I am afraid we have lost a few games where Jefferson should have played a series. Maybe we are waiting on Alabama and LSU where we might not be competitive. I would hate to scar the young ones against those defensive lines.

Still time to get him in a few games, but they obviously don’t think he’s there yet.

I think it’s hard to find a spot where it wasn’t about winning the game so far this season.

Late against Ole Miss was the exception, but then it was about seeing what Starkel could do.

I’m told KJ was good in scrimmages for the young ones yesterday. He can and did run the RPO. His passing still needs polish. But he is a freak athlete.