How is it possible that we only shoot one three in the second half?

And we only shot 7 for the game. I’m obviously glad we won but it is really frustrating that a team that shoots this well doesn’t shoot more threes. I understand that our game plan was to penetrate, but one three attempt in the second half is ridiculous.

That all you can find to complain about, we are in good shape.

I Don’t care how many 3’s we shoot if we win the game. 26-9. ENOUGH SAID

Seton Hall overplayed the three all day, and were well drilled on getting through screens. In the first half they did not help against Moses because of that philosophy, and that’s where the points came from. In the second half they started trying to help more with their other forward, and Thomas burned them a few times. They also don’t have enough depth, and as their guys got tired they turned the ball over and had more trouble with our guards getting loose, especially Barford, closer to the basket.

I think Seton Hall had a good game plan based on the way we’ve won a lot of games lately, but the Hogs had just enough versatility and adaptability to overcome.

Ive been on hawgs illustrated almost since its inception, which I guess would be 16-17 years. I know you have been here a long time too. I’m not one to look for a negative. My history of 4000 posts or so proves that. Its just that I have never seen a team that shoots the three this well, only shoot one three in the second half, especially in a close game. Its like Nolan said, a bad shot by Dusty is better than a good shot by just about anyone else. This problem is nothing new, Jimmy carter has commented on it all season. I don’t know that we attempted only one three in a half all season.

We were saving them for the NC game Sunday. Mike knew we would need about 15 made 3s to beat NC, so he didn’t want to waste them on SH. :lol:

I was wondering same thing on 3s in second half but seton seemed to be guarding them well in second.

NC will as well.

Got to gave good motion and screens and work ball around

I was surprised at how few we took, but it doesn’t bother me at all in light of how well we played inside. (I admit I always want to get at least 1 made 3-pt so we can keep our really long streak of getting at least one per game going.)