How is it possible Hammond’s...

He seems to be out most explosive RB and he was moved to receiver, doesn’t seem to make sense…? Always was discussed where they needed to get him more touches but never happened. Of course there is Brian Wallace who didn’t play 5-6 games and is now one of our better linemen. Wonder who else could be helping this team but they won’t play…?
Surely it’s only for 3 more games.

When Hammond was moved to receiver, we had RW3, Whaley, DWilliams and Hayden at RB. Now we’re down to two of those. And it’s not like we’re overloaded with playmakers at WR either.

Who is Brian Williams, other than RW3’s little brother who we’re recruiting?

Sorry Brian Wallace.

I can agree we did have good depth but other than Hayden, who was a freshman we had no HR guy at RB. Just seems this staff doesn’t always get players in a position where they can be successful and help the team.

If I remember correctly, Hammonds asked to be moved to receiver because of the depth in front of him at running back.

I focused my binoculars on Wallace several times yesterday. He played well at times, but he also missed some assignments.

DD has commented and Hammonds alluded to injuries that have kept him off the field. I can understand that.

However, he has a burst not seen from many of our RB’s in a while. I think he should stay at RB and they should use him as much as his body/frame will allow.

Wallace seems to be space challenged.

Yep so are all the other tackles, Jackson and Ramirez. That oline is a train wreck!

Hammonds is playing the same role as Hayden. If you let the guy get in space with the ball he’s dangerous, as was proven yesterday, albeit against a lousy defense. We were able to block plays yesterday to get him outside with the ball, and he did the rest.

You also saw the difference between Hayden and Hammonds yesterday late in the game. Hayden, even though he is not a big guy, has the ability to run between the tackles. They gave Hammonds two or three chances to do that yesterday and he just was not effective. They replaced him with Whaley and Williams running the same plays, and we went right down the field.

Hammonds is too talented not to be on the field a lot, but I think we would be better off against the big boys by finding him a spot at WR on more downs rather than increasing his TB carries significantly, especially in the next two games against good, athletic defenses. You still want him taking some snaps at RB, but just being creative in getting it into his hands at WR with a chance to move in space will likely work better than sending him between the tackles against LSU and State.

BTW we’ve talked about Hammond’s all year. Remember he said I want on the field.

Didn’t CBB say well TJ vs saying what you’ve been saying “why don’t you tell them I’m hurt”?

Question; was it his foot or what has been TJ injury problems?

No, he was wearing a boot for the experience. He was
unable to practice-UNABLE. How many times does it have to be said on this board and by various administrators?

He is a great athlete and we can only hope he remains healthy. He has to give the opposing coaches nightmares.