How is Fall Ball Practice going?

Any news from the baseball team?

I have not been able to be there much due to my other responsibilities. I was there for a little while last week. One thing that stood out to me was the swing of Tavian Josenberger. He looks like he could have some power from the left side.

Peyton Holt has hit the ball well has a couple of home runs, Stovall has it two or three home runs…Wegner the transfer portal guy from Creighton has hit the ball well… Newcomer Cali has hit the ball well and has power(veteran hitter who swings
the bat real well, just has to have a place to play, been at first base but that Slaven’s position).Coll Juco transfer is hitting the ball well…Diggs has been up and down, Bohrofen I think has one hit and it was a home run(a lot of strikeouts) Jones the one time top five prospect has hit the ball pretty well has at least one home run, McLaughlin Juco transfer has hit the ball well. . Neville our top ranking recruit has hit the ball fair but has struck out a lot.Polk the catcher transfer has hit the ball decently…Those are the ones I have heard are hitting the ball pretty good and there may be other some forgetting.

Pitching wise Tygart has been throwing well, Smith has been pretty Sharp, Wiggins has looked good most of the time. Frank the transfer from Nebraska has looked good. Mcentire has been hit pretty good. Adcock juco transfer an Ole Miss Signee has looked sharp. Ledbetter has looked good, Carter has as well. newcomer Hollan has thrown the ball well… Griffin has thrown the ball very well. Gage wood incoming freshman has a lot of promise had a very rough out in his first time out but came back extremely strong the next time, 95-97 type velo.

Defense has not been very good at all,comedy of errors in one of the scrimmages. This is one area that concerns me because we’re so used to having great defense.

All this info comes from someone who’s been at the scrimmages and compiles stats

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