How is Duke allowed in with that record?

Keep seeing crawl at bottom of screen that Duke wants to play in NCAAs.

They get to choose?

Duke won’t make the dance. If for reason reason they are put in as an at large team something is really cooking with the selection committee!
And take into account Memphis is currently leading Houston in the American conference tourney. If Memphis wins that is a bid theft and one more of the last in moves down.

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A few days ago their AD said the season was over after they dropped out of the ACC tourney. Now they’ve backed off on that proclamation, saying now that they would accept a bid. Which they won’t get.

I’d much rather Duke get rejected on their record than claim they had to forego because of covid.

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Sounds kinda strange they can’t complete the tournament but yet are ready for the NCAA one.

Not really. Just about every team in the country had to miss games this year, either for their own COVID issues or an opponent’s. But if you have to miss a tournament game, you can’t make it up later and the other team advances. Doesn’t mean their season has to end. But obviously if you drop out of the NCAA, your season IS over. Of course Duke’s season probably is over anyway. I’m not sure they’d even qualify for the NIT with that record and I doubt they’d accept it if they were picked,

Typical because Duke & Coach K all but said cancel the whole season when they were losing early on.
Now they want to slither into the NCAAT after they had to be removed from conf tourn.

I get that but I’m also wary as to dropping out of tourney in which they would have to win all four games to get a bid but now they might get in? With their record? I really don’t think they will but their AD sure likes the idea of it. I have taken both COVID shots abs I have friends who have had it as well as some with trace issues. They sure took longer than 7 days.

Kansas and Virginia did not complete the conference tournament either, but they will compete in the NCAA tournament

It’s a bad year to be on the bubble anyway. A lot of bid thieves. Georgetown and Oregon State took bids away from two teams. I would be beyond shocked if Duke gets in. Ole Miss only gets in if someone opts out after today, and OM is a lot more deserving than Dook this year.

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