How is #27, Steve Atwater number, not retired?

And I’m only going by Arkansas highlights.

Watch him everywhere in win over TX.

This is before his stick on Christian!

Retire #27 now please. That was Arkansas D.

I don’t think Arkansas ever will retire another number in football. There are two retired already. You can’t retire many more when there are 105 players on the roster.

I love the uniforms.

Probably only because he dropped the interception in the end zone that would have given us the victory over #1 Miami.

I joke because that play will forever stick out in my mind when I think about him but I loved me some Steve Atwater.

When I think of numbers that might/should be retired, 27 doesn’t come to mind. I don’t think they’ll retire DMac’s 5, and I think of 5 long before 27. Matt’s right that there may not be any more retired numbers. I think schools are getting away from that somewhat even in basketball. They retire jerseys, not numbers. Duke hung up Laettner’s jersey but they didn’t retire 32.

I like the idea that someone gets to wear 27, 5, 70, 55, 64 and all the QB numbers. If you can tell me who wore those numbers and why they are meaningful, I’ll give you an attaboy.

I’ll play.

Atwater, Dmac, Loyd Phillips, Wayne Harris/Ronnie Caveness, Bud Brooks

Loyd Phillips was one of my favorites. Made me
think of a Viking. fierce and intimidating.
He was energy personified.

27 - Steve Attwater
5 - Daren McFadden
70 - Loyd Phillips
55 - Wayne Harris / Ronnie Caveness
64 - Cliff Powell

You left out 23 - Lance Alworth and Harry Jones

I should have added “and why they are meaningful”

DMac (twice) won the Doak Walker award, and finished second in the Heisman. Loyd Phillips and Bud Brooks won the Outland Trophy. Atwater was an All-American, but didn’t win any of the trophies/awards.

I’m guessing the one thing that ties all of the above were that each was a two time All-American.