How in the world

Was UConn ever a 4 seed?
Just ridiculous.
When will the NCAA ever admit the B1G is overrated every single year.

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No Cuban cigar for Larrranaga.

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UConn took the month of January off basically. They were 3-6 from NYE to Jan. 31, even worse than we were (4-5). That’s how they wound up a 4 seed.

UCONN looks like its going to #5 for the men…still 6 behind the women

I still can’t believe UConn has won 4 titles since we won ours. Doesn’t seem right, but there is no denying they are a blue blood…much more than Gonzaga will ever be.

We basically stopped playing basketball a few of those dark years and I lost interest following others, but I never cared for UCONN anyway. Short of recruiting northeast whatever. Time for us to win a title again

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