How I would gameplan for the Zags

OK guys don’t post much but this is fun, a bit long-winded but for fun here is how I would try to solve the Gonzaga problem tomorrow night:

Use an eight man rotation to include Johnson, have KK and Jaxon on standby for specialty role if needed/foul trouble.

Use a three-man combination of Williams, Wade, and Johnson on the two bigs of Gonzaga. Have 2 of the 3 of them in game at all times. Tell Williams not to foul. Let them score vs foul at times if need be. Just rebound and get in the way. Tell Johnson and Wade if they don’t have 3 fouls each, and I mean hard fouls, on those two big men by the 10 minute mark of the first half then they’re sitting the rest of the game. I’m talking full bill Laimbeer get after it foul out by halftime if need be. Gotta protect Williams but use Wade and Johnson as goons and beat the living crap out of those dudes in the first 10 minutes of the game. That’s gonna throw them off their finesse game, and still hopefully leave Williams available for the stretch last 10 minute run. Then Williams will have fouls to give. Put Toney on their best perimeter player like we did New Mexico. Rely on Notae, Williams, and Umude for offense.

Defense is the girl that brought you this far, don’t leave her now. But no easy baskets. No rhythm. If they beat us at the line so be it, but may em pay for it. Have a goal for Johnson and Wade to foul out if need be, at end of game Umude may have to guard one of the bigs, but have those guys cringing every time they go up to shoot.

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That sounds pretty much like the Missouri game plan in the Big Eight of a bygone era. They always had a couple of bruisers from the football team to counter the size, skill, and ability of Kansas and Kansas State. The plan for winning was brutalizing the opposition. Glen Rose, who was the Arkansas coach at that time, never failed in his best dry wit sharing their tactics. Of course, at the time OSU was an independent and somewhat of an outlaw school.

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