How have our NFL Hogs performed?

I saw where Houston won; did Ryan play/do well?

I watched some of SD and saw Hunter out there, but did not see him catch anything. How’d he do?

Alex play?

Cin vs Jax on tv now. Any Hogs in that game?

Others of note?

Mallett is with Baltimore, did well yesterday. Zack Hocker is a kicker for Cin. but the vet is there also. Derby may make the NE roster. Hamilton has done okay with Pittsburgh. But there will be a lot of cuts in the next week or so. Alex at SEA seems to be okay.

J-Will had a real nice 37 yard TD run yesterday and appears to be a sure thing in Beefalo.

It’s sure be nice to have a spread sheet or regular column featuring our hogs in nfl. Thanks for your replies.

It’s a fact–folks are just not posting on this new fangled board. News of our NFL guys would have been plastered all over the old board.

Last year Arkansas News had a weekly account of each ex Hog in the NFL. I assume they will again but not until the regular season begins.

Gragg out for the season

Left Knee

pretty sure Darius has had a great preseason…

Baloney, Fred. It’s the preseason. Much harder to keep up with how everyone is doing. And I don’t recall the old board being exactly plastered on Sunday afternoons with ex-Hog exploits either.

Flowers is doing great with the Pats.

Link 1: … s_approach
Link 2: … standouts/

Traffic is off, Jeff.

But I am encouraged by the number of responses to this post. Folks across the country are able to keep up with our Hogs in their area sometimes easier than the rest of us. These responses are very much appreciated.

Wish I had realized Darius was with SD. I would have watched him specifically, as I did Hunter for awhile.