How Have Both Lines Become So Bad

Even NMS has a better offensive and defensive line than the Hogs. This is just unbelievable. I’m trying to root for CBB, but the inability to fix this mess against a non-P5 is greatly disappointing.

It’s why he can’t win here. Why is he still shuffling o lineman in year 5? His resume was good lines. Why they can’t get Wallace and Merrick ready is as amazing as they just now give Rogers a shot. Did they miss on evualuating on justcantcoach them up?

We had great offensive line play when we had Pitman as OL Coach. I think the new coach is in over his head.
Our DLine under Partridge was strong also.

When CBB first got here, he loaded his staff with veteran coaches. The last few years he seems to be hiring younger up and comers and I think it has hurt us. Paul Rhodes is a veteran and I hope he gets the Defense better by the end of the season as they get better at the 3-4.

Mercy. I mean good grief. Give me a freaking break.

The SEC run is going to really be tough for these lines.

A lot of truth in the Op. They are both bad.

I don’t understand why we aren’t seeing more pressure from the defense. I thought that was what we’d see from Rhoads, pressure from different angles. Looks exactly like a Robb Smith Defense so far, very vanilla. I know that MSU is blessed with a very good QB and WR duo, but those guys aren’t SEC level, we will start to see that every week. Was hoping to see a better defensive performance, but the air raid was working today for the Aggies.

Nearly 500 total yards, 230 yards rushing, no sacks, and somehow our offensive line is terrible? We knew coming in that New Mexico State was going to blitz a lot. When you blitz a lot you’re going to get some hits but you’re also going to get burned and we made them pay for it a lot. If you told me coming in that Austin wouldn’t get sacked at all I would have taken that in a heartbeat.

I swear I have to stay off this board on game day. Even when we win people get crazy with the negativity. And if we lose :roll:

Very well said ! WPS

Yeah, that massive NMSU line open up enough holes for 11 yards rushing. Wow! Best line in college football.

He should’ve hired Partridge back

Oh good lord, my teenage daughter would say that you are being, “soooo extra”. I think our Oline did a pretty good job with a team that has a couple good DT’s and an extreme blitz package.

The offensive line against New Mexico State was somewhat better. I didn’t see nearly as many pressures of Allen as I had in previous weeks and this was a heavy blitz team. For the most part, the blitzes were handled. I was surprised that New Mexico State did not feel it could run against this defensive front. Didn’t even try, so I don’t know that I’d be too critical of the DL from this game.

Not saying the d-line is not bad, but my view in watching yesterday, we were very passive in our defensive scheme. I know that does not keep any of the front three from winning their assignment, but with not much attacking by the blitz or edge, I would think the three down linemen are much easier to control.