How has it gotten this bad

How has it gotten this bad? When did it start to go wrong? Trey Biddy hit it on the head when he said that Arkansas has too many resources and too much support to be this bad. Well, on the bright side I don’t think we can get much worse and the only way is to go up. I really wish that CCM can right the ship and get it going in the direction of success.

Our resources do not include enough quality players.

We have made bad hires of a combination of coaches that do not know what it takes to win, Recruit or develop SEC level linemen and line backers…

We have had horrible OL coaches in 3 out of the last 4 OL coaches, with one being great San Pittman . Our DL coaches have been hot garbage! Segrest was horrifying,

By in large it’s been bad coaches and bad player development. Additionally some of the of the players we have signed from Arkansas, especially on the DL have done nothing.

It’s just a huge mess!

In today’s world of the portal, players can vote with their feet if they do not like the results so having good recruiting classes is not as strong backstop as it was in the past. Knife can cut both ways.

I think that the fans and the athletic director were spoiled by the success of Petrino’s last two years. Long fired Petrino. I am sure that he felt that he could hire another coach and have similar success. His two hires were horrible. The team did not have enough speed and the players were fat and out of shape. Coaching got worse through Bielema’s years.

Morris came into a disaster. The odds were stacked against him. His recruiting last year was very good, His early recruiting this year-has been good. However, he had his only d back de commit after the SJS game. The more losses we have, the number and quality of new recruits will fall. The program needs for Morris to be successful. Another new coach and another rebuilding project will just delay our return to respectability. But we can not continue to lose. Yurachek will earn his salary if he can fix football.

I can’t point to any exact point as to when or how the football program sunk to its current depths, but there is a direct link to recruiting success or lack thereof.

If you look at the number of former Hogs currently on active NFL rosters (12) and take a look at that same research from our other SEC member programs that number is only higher than two other programs, Kentucky (11), Vanderbilt (8) and tied with Missouri (12).

Some may think that this isn’t a very scientific way of determining success or failure just as the star ratings of recruiting rankings, but IMHO I believe it does.

Go Hogs!

There is nothing scientific about sporting events. Science is based on constants, human nature is not. But when your guys are constantly outplayed, it is more than stars assigned.