How has Baylor football escaped death penalty

Just read another WSJ where Briles and others knew all along they were playing known rapists and covering up.

Appears board and president at Baylor looked other way as well.

And on basketball, there seems to have been innuendos for years about their program recruiting and all - (no idea if true).

Yet it seems football escaping ultimate penalty and bball - while maybe lesser infractions, seems to skate.

If ever a U sold its soul, one wonders about Baylor being towards the top of the list.

I couldn’t agree more with you. It makes no sense to me at all. Yes the Basketball program has been talked about for years in the Big12 for the level of violations.

Baylor basketball has a long, sordid history of rule-breaking and improper behavior. Even the women’s program. Goes back to the 1980s. It even took down a coach at UAFS (then known as Westark). Of course, nothing was worse than the Dave Bliss era when one emotionally unstable player murdered another player, whom the coach subsequently claimed (falsely) was a drug dealer.

Seems like its football program is trying to catch up.

Football players definitely will eventually answer for criminal charges for some of cases recently made public. Two players are already serving prison sentences for rape. There are already civil suits moving forward against Baylor, its administration, et al.

Just not sure where the NCAA would fit in any of this, unless it can charge Baylor with “lack of institutional control,” which would be worse than any other charge, generally speaking. Of course there may some recruiting violations involved somehow. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Because of their quick move on Penn State and then not so quietly having to dine on crow, I think the NCAA will move cautiously, if at all, with Baylor.

Certainly don’t think the death penalty will be an option, IMO.

I just read the alleged texts that were introduced as part of the latest lawsuit against Baylor. If those are real Art Bryles should be accountable for whitewashing the crimes. Sanctions on Baylor should be very, very hard.

I’ve disliked them since the days of the SWC for many reasons!

Baylor’s not off the NCAA hook yet.

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They are very reluctant to hit anyone with the death penalty after what happened at SMU, which basically still hasn’t recovered 30 years later. Penn State didn’t get it for Sandusky. Bama didn’t get it when they completely failed to cooperate with the NCAA in the Albert Means/Logan Young mess. I doubt Baylor will get it either. But they may still get hammered.

It’s all about money! The code of ethics and integrity of a program does not matter to those people. The individuals that took part had knowledge of what was happening should all face prosecution criminal and civil! Their final judgement when they leave this world let’s leave up to God! We need to be concerned about our hogs and pray that our coaches do things the right way where we can be proud. Win or lose no cheating or unethical behavior !