How good is MSU and Auburn?

I haven’t seen them play this year. Thanks!

Nobody really knows. They’ve both played a number of cupcakes. Both are not getting a lot of respect. Miss St just showed up this week in the AP and last week in the Coaches others receiving votes with 1 vote. Lunardi has AUB in his next four out, so they are at least being looked at by one National guy. Rothstein and Katz both said Miss St will get their first real opponent tonight. So we will see.

Reply: it’s a home game and we are the visiting team with a bullseye on our backs. that in itself sums it up.

Going to be very difficult over there and a real test to see if we are contenders or pretenders.

It will be tough to win at Mississippi State in that dump they call the Hump. We haven’t played well at Ole Miss or Starkville. Mississippi State fans care more about basketball than Auburn. They will be fired up. Ben Howland will be wearing those Adidas sneakers. If we win, I will be very surprised… Not shocked, but very surprised.

The SEC caught flak about the Home court officiating the last few years. I was told that the SEC office knew it was a problem for the conference at Tourney time. I noticed that the SEC Refs tried to go out of their way to let the visiting team UT get the benefit of the calls on Saturday at BWA. I wonder if that is anomaly or is it the SEC is adjusting the home court officiating? If so, then we should be in much better shape tonight

It’s more because we are AR. KY got plenty of calls against GA, to the point the announcer actually said, I don’t understand why the refs are letting KY do this. I mean come on, everyone in the SEC says that, not surprising. Almost as bad as Herbstreit last night in the Rose Bowl. Took until the second snap, of the second overtime to notice OU wasn’t getting called for holds. I noticed it on the first play

The refs that officiated the Kentucky-Georgia game must have not gotten that memo from the SEC office. With the exception of a couple of calls, it sure looked like Georgia got screwed by the refs. Just like every other team does when they play at Rupp.

Well I should have thought about UK before I typed that! It is sad UK gets such a free ride by SEC refs, and I think they will need the protection more this year too.

Yes the refs are obviously trying to even it for the Hogs tonight…

Sarcasm dripping