How good is Fresno State?

It used to be that I would pretty much know about all our opponents, I am older and have less time now! I don’t have a clue how good or bad many of our opponents are.

They will be about the same caliber and Samford and Bucknell. Which is a solid mid-major team that we will need to take seriously. Just typing real quick, without double checking, I believe they won 20+ games last year, and projected as one of the top teams in the Mountain West this year. Hopefully our team continues to bring it and doesn’t let a team like this catch them off guard.

Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings, I think the best of the bunch, has them 79th, Bucknell is 87 after the Hog loss, and Samford is at 139. This early these ratings move around alot. Hogs currently 37th.

Admittedly Sagarin’s numbers don’t really kick in for a while, but he has Fresno #95. Bucknell is #132, Samford #189. They’ve only played one D-I opponent; their opener was D-3 UC-Santa Cruz, home of the Banana Slugs (I know a doctor in Fort Smith who attended UCSC, and I abuse her about being a Banana Slug).

We better be ready against Fresno St, I watched some film of there first two games and they are much better than our first two opponents. They are shooting over 50 percent from three, with two players hitting 6 each in one game. Hope we come in ready and have a good crowd there.

Fresno State has shot well - including better than 50 percent from 3 - and rebounded well in its first two games, but against competition much lighter than Arkansas. The Bulldogs have four starters back from last year’s NIT team. So I would say this is a team probably a little less talented than Bucknell, maybe a little more than Samford.

The Razorbacks are a 12-point favorite.

Fresno has two 5th year senior guards and a junior guard. Decent players but our guys are next level players. We are going to have a nice advantage in the frontcourt. They don’t play anywhere like Bud Walton.

If you only look at the 2-0 record, size of their starters vs our starters, and statistics, you might conclude that Fresno State actually has a slight edge. But, I don’t think so. Bud Walton Arena hopefully will be rocking with people in for the football game tomorrow. I think our pressure defense does the trick and Hogs win by double digits.