How good could this team be if ...

… Denver K and either Alex or JWill had come back for their senior year (don’t think we miss Hunter as much plus he was the only Hog definitely ready to go to the league early)? What if Keon could have talked his buddy JWill into joining him for one more post-injury season with Kirkland and Skipper manning the tackle positions? Oh well, it still has a chance to be a special year if the o-line continues to develop and Devwah can provide a legitimate option to RWill3. But, it’s still fun to speculate …

Back to reality, we’ll know a lot more about the Hogs this time next week after playing the Aggies … anybody else thinking special teams play will be the difference in this game? I feel good about our punt team, but that’s about it … kickoff return, kickoff coverage and field goal teams are shaky at best thru 3 games … and Christian Kirk is SCARY.


I think we’ll be okay

Totally agree. We miss a lineman too that went too early that means we are playing a transfer and others.

A shame we can’t keep NFL kids her longer but a nice problem to have not inherent to us.

All said yes would love to have either one right now.

But we are going to win Sec regardless

Would have been nice to keep the players mentioned, but we have restocked very well.
This time last year our OLine wasn’t playing up to the hype either, with Kirkland and Tretola in the mix. Of course they gelled as the season progressed.

JWill would have been a great mentor to the young backs for sure.

We be alright tho.

One of the great aspects of college football is the suspense of how the new players will perform. Every team experiences key losses of players.

It would be great to plug in an equal new guy. But, remember there are some boys waiting on their chance.