How good can KJ be next year?

Everyone loved Bryce Young…. But I would not trade or QB for anyone in the country!

Thoughts ??

Depends if he can get his timing down. The big thing I saw was he wasn’t consistent in throwing guys open. if he gets good at that, then it will be insane


As good as his team lets him. With QB play, it comes down to so many other things. For example, Brandon Allen was plenty good to blossom in many ways, but O-line play and limited playmakers kept things from exploding. He is still in the NFL, probably to the surprise of Fred (Tuschawg).

The continued growth of the O-line is critical. Tight end play must improve and I guess it’s pretty obvious that they need to revamp the wide receiver group with losing Treylon, De’Vion and Tyson.


Durn it! I think he’s good also. I just have a huge problem that he holds the record for most SEC losses ( or close to it).

I’m going to leave it that it’s “your problem” and not his. I don’t blame him anymore than I blame Joe Ferguson for some average years when he was quarterback. He wouldn’t have stayed in the NFL that long if he wasn’t a terrific quarterback.


Good points everyone…. I think the magic of KJ is he makes everyone around him better ! The perfect combination of Superman and Peter Pan!

Got to have some Peter Pans. Or at least one. Maybe that’s Isaiah Sategna.


I’d like to see his footwork improve. That is critical when throwing those quick slants and thats something he has not been very good at doing. As for the rest, just the normal progression of getting better in all phases that comes with experience playing and age. Otherwise, I’m am comfortable with KJ as our QB. I doubted earlier this year, but his poise won me over.

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Crawford will be that left tackle….

Clay how do you think Brandon would have done under Bobby P? I’ve often wondered that…

Bobby P recruited BA; the deer in the headlights year was 2012, his redshirt freshman year under John L. Smith after Tyler Wilson got hurt. Bobby P also recruited the O-linemen that couldn’t protect him. BB and Sam fixed that, sorta (Tretola and others). BA also holds the school record with 7 TD passes in that shootout with Dak and Moo U at RRS (lost on a blocked field goal). No Petrino QB ever did that.

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You’d think Brandon and Austin both would have been good with Bobby.


I agree… I think they would’ve be good under K Briles also! Very good !

Kj will be as good as the O-line allows, especially the new left tackle. I have no prediction on who that may be just yet.

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