How far away are we from Sweet 16 next year?

Coming back in theory, we have Jones, Sills, Joe, Chaney, Harris - all a year older and hopefully with some off season development.

If we can add a differenence maker or two or three from Juco ranks, is it possible?

As I watch these rounds to the sweet sixteen, everyone seems bigger and more physical than us.

I don’t know who runs our strength programs but hope a lot of emphasis there.

We all want a nationally relevant program again.

I wonder if it’s possible next season.

I think we are a Tyson Jolly, Nigel John and Raymond Hawkins away.

Don’t count Gabe out.

I actually had a similar conversation with Blu this morning about next year. We seem to be on Hamlet and Jolly. We also may get Garland back (these are unconfirmed rumors, but there is some speculation). Let’s say that does happen. In my opinion (only my opinion), the starting backcourt would be Hamlet (PG), Jolly (SG), and Garland (SF). The three backups Desi (PG), Joe (SG), and Jones (SF). No matter how you figure it up, those six guys would be a nightmare backcourt, and 2 deep. Notice I didn’t mention Harris, KES, or Justice.

In the front court we have Ethan, Chaney, Gabe, and Bailey. I think both Ethan and Chaney will improve in the offseason (if they stay), and I think Gabe will improve (even though many hate on the kid). Bailey, there is just something telling me (a personal feeling) that Bailey won’t be back. I think they need a couple inside guys. Stith, I think will have an impact, but we need a big guy. I’m just not sure what Big is out there that we may get.

But the upgrade in the backcourt alone may push us in the tourney.

Love every bit of that but under no scenario is Joe not starting next year.

I agree that KES is probably a good transfer prospect, could see Harris transfer as well but i think he’s going on 23 years old. I mentioned earlier that i could see him going overseas. Everything I’ve heard about practice is that Juice looks great. I think he sees a lot of minutes next year and will shove his ranking down everyone’s throat.

Add all the guys we want the most and I still don’t think a sweet 16 would be in conversation. It should be expected, but I can’t see it happening.

I think more realistic is what do we need to make the tournament next year.

The Bobby Portis team couldn’t make it to the sweet 16, so I don’t see any realistic reason to believe next years team could. That team was the most complete and had good depth, that mike has had here. It was a really solid team, should’ve made a deeper push.

Hard to picture something being done with a lesser team, that hasn’t been done by Mike here. He hasn’t been able to make it out of the 2nd round of the dance or NIT here.

Only reason I have Jolly and Garland ahead of him is, Joe isn’t an all around player yet. Last time I saw Garland he was better at creating his own shots and getting to the rim (now given that was HS and he hasn’t played in two years). Jolly looks all around to be a better player and he does something better than any guard (and most of the bigs) on our team does, and that’s rebound. Now, I will say, in my opinion any combination of Jolly, Jones, Joe, Garland, Desi, and Hamlet will work. Plus, there is no doubt in my mind that both Joe and Jones improve a great deal next year, and that these other guys will all push each other. I don’t think Harris will transfer or go to Europe, I don’t think he’s ready. KES, yes, he may leave, but that wasn’t what I was saying, and Justice, I’m not sure Justice is practicing with the team. His basketball tweet last week was from Destin, FL. The rest of the team was in Fayetteville, AR practicing for the NIT. So, I’m not convinced about anything with Justice and practice. I mean in the last two weeks alone, I’ve heard he’s been to FB Spring Practice, then Dudley said that’s not true, then I’ve heard he’s been lighting it up at basketball practices, but he’s tweeting from a completely different state while our guys are practicing.

You realize as of this moment, neither has Rick Barnes and TN. They are currently battling in OT trying to get there for the first time under Barnes, with the majority of the same guys they had two years ago that didn’t make the tournament.

I’m not a Tennessee fan, so I don’t personally care what Rick Barnes and Tennessee are doing, it’s not apples to apples. That Tennessee team was really good this year. I also don’t think it was depending on 4 late spring juco guys this year.

I’m just saying, I’m not sure how we can envision a sweet 16 when we couldn’t get it done with what was a much better team than we will likely have next year, I think we will get abused in the paint next year in any scenario. Rebounding will be an issue again. I think we will be fine at guard, I think Jolly would be great, but he’s not what we need the most, we need upgrades at 4 and 5 bad. Dans not coming back, maybe if he was then we could think about it. That’s just the way I’m seeing it.

It is apples to apples. That TN team two years ago was viewed the same way our team is this year. They stuck it out and what happened (by the way it looks like they just made it, still 20 secs left, but five point lead and shooting FT’s). That’s what we’ve been trying to tell many of the guys saying what you’re saying all year. This year we had a young team (like that or not), but there is huge potential everywhere. By their JR/SR year they will be outstanding players, but you guys act like you don’t care and we should fire everyone and revoke everyone’s scholarships because they didn’t win a NC this year. And I’m not sure if we did win a NC this year that you and some others wouldn’t still complain.

I mean you guys got your wish with Bret and Jeff and we now have a 2-10 season. What an upgrade.

I never once called for Mike to be fired, so not sure where you got that from. I have said that I don’t know that he will be here after next season. I have said I don’t know if he has what it takes to make us a run in the tournament. I mean we are 8 years in and we haven’t been able to get it done. This year we got the excuse of youth, but next year there is no excuse, and we have some holes as of right now.
Next years team will have 1 Sr that has played meaningful minutes, and 3 JRs. That’s not a heavy upper class team like Tennessee has.

Rick Barnes has been at Tennessee since 2015 and he’s now in the sweet 16. That’s not apples to apples, not sure how you see it is.

You may have been fine with Jeff long and Bret’s mediocrity, that may say all I need to know. I value winning, and when you start to decline, and show no reason to believe it’s coming up you deserve to be fired. Jeff’s a sleaze as we are seeing, and I know enough about Bret that I don’t care what is record was here I wouldn’t have been upset to see him leave. But that’s football and off topic. I’m also not ok with a 2-10 season regardless of the situation. I value winning, like I said.

I see no mention of Sills in this thread. He should start. Kid can play and is a winner. Here is what I’m thinking for the rotation…
PG-Harris, Hill, Embry-Simpson
SG-Joe, Jolly, Sills, Embry-Simpson
G/SF-Sills, Jones, Jolly
F-Garland (maybe) Gabe, Bailey
F-Chaney, Henderson, Stith

If Garland isn’t cleared, they add another forward. I would love to see a grad transfer if that is the case. It would be nice to have a couple of spots open should Williams, Moore and/or Moody want to be Hogs. Also, I’m not sure we need a true center type. Our offense seems more effective when we are able to play 5 out. The motion is better.

Uh oh Baked you may have just taken things too far, when you bring those guys up and mention how it didn’t go as the expected it typically gets real ugly real fast, trust me on that.

I remember I asked how people are so excited with a coach that’s only had 1 winning season his whole career, I was told he landed a top 20 class at Arkansas, something Anderson could never do, and he’ll turn Arkansas around, and Anderson should take notes.

That’s a scary small lineup though.

You’re looking at

6’5 (unless he’s grown he’s not 6’5)

You should stick to the basketball board if you thought things were going to be drastically different with an absolutely train wrecked football roster thanks to those two.

Man, you’ve got more energy than me, bro. I don’t even reply to those posts much anymore.

Told ya Baked :lol:

They get mad easily if you say something about that.

“They” ?

Not sure how you’re trying to classify me. Or why, it’s a bit immature and you probably shouldn’t have to be told that by a 23 year old.

I’m not mad, I’m just not oblivious to reality, and like I said, I value winning.

Y’all may be ok with losing SEC records in football. That’s fine.

You may be ok with not being able to make it past the second round of NCAA and NIT, that’s fine. I eventually want more. I like Mike, I’ve said I think he’s a pretty good coach, but he needs to do more than be pretty good at some point. He’s got next year for me and that’s it. I like to win, maybe the other “they” should try that also.

Don’t you imagine everybody values winning? Just because people don’t agree with your opinions on how to move forward, it doesn’t mean they don’t “value winning”. For instance, IMO we will win more with MA than we will with any other coach we could get at this point, so IMO the people who want to fire him don’t seem to “value winning”.