How does this LSU game play out?

The line is 3.5, and I think the Tigers will beat us pretty soundly, given our pathetic defense.

On the other hand, we can play good offensive football led by a good quarterback in KJ Jefferson?
We play LSU well most of the time.

This game is good example of why I don’t bet. My head tells me we are going to get whipped pretty good, but my heart says we can beat those bas&%$#s if we play well.

Go Hogs.

Can’t bet with heart, have to bet without emotion.

I think Rocket and Landers both have good games, but LSU’s offense and OC is better than our defense and our DC. Take LSU, but for in games over for both Rocket and Landers

The weather could level the playing field a lot! There’s always hope but I won’t bet on anything with our wounded hogs.

I think it’s a chess match for most of the game—low scoring for the first half.

LSU breaks away in the 3rd quarter with two TDs on demoralizing miscommunications by the secondary, but…

Arkansas ties it in the fourth with the best mixture of running and passing we’ve seen to date. Our secondary plays lights out for the rest of the game.

We go to overtime.

We win by 3 with a FG and a stop by our linebacking corps.

Welcome to the SEC, Kelly—where Arkansas has a history of NOT being intimidated by LSU.

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It all depends on if we can get a quick start. A big IF. Come out flat, get behind, and we’ll get our arses handed to us.

Don’t know whether you started drinkin’ early this morning or if it’s a continuation from last night, but I could sure use some of whatever elixir you use! That scenario would be nice.

Arkansas needs to play a clean game to win. The offense needs to run the ball effectively and take advantage of busted coverages on offense. No turnovers and avoid costly penalties.

The much maligned defense must play their best game of the year. The d line must stand up to LSU’s run game and get some pressure on the QB. They must have a spy on the QB. We don’t need a repeat of the backup Bama QB breaking loose for a long touchdown run.

If the Hogs can stick to their game plan, we have a respectable chance to win on a cold Fayetteville day. If they play like they did last week, the game will be over by halftime.

Alabama’s offense put 8.6 yards per play on the Hogs, while only achieving 5.7 yards per play against the Tigers. Pretty salty, and greatly improved defense at LSU.

Weather can be a great equalizer. DBs can slip, etc.

JMet, you had it pretty well called, except for the screw we got on the spot in the 4th quarter.

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