How does this loss affect your thinking for the next nine games?

We should beat this team at home, but I just can’t predict what this team might do over the next 9 games. Especially the road games. We haven’t even dominated at home.
I guess it depends on which team shows up, in what half.

It doesn’t change my mindset at all. We’ll lose all or nearly all the road games…might sneak 1 W in. We’ll win nearly all,our home games. Probably lose 1…what’s that? 500 the rest of the way.

I think they CAN win 5-6. My biggest concern is it’s obvious this team is very very uncomfortable on the road this year, appearing even shaken, scared. Definitely intimidated. Plus they have a couple of tough home games. The most mental team I have seen in awhile. Just up and down. Hard for them to maintain focus. The consistent unforced dumb stuff is mind boggling amid stretches of brilliance. It’s back and forth, great to mind boggling. Just miss to many open looks, and at keys times from anywhere and everywhere, inside outside midrange, if it’s key they clang it. More so on the road.

I’m pulling for a strong 5-6 game finish. But have major concerns because of these things. They just check in and out to much. They are far from #Dialedin but are very capable.

We need to win our 5 home games. That means beating aTm; Kentucky and Auburn. Tall task.
What ever we Lose at home, we have to make up on the road. Not a lot of confidence in that scenario. Especially considering that we have to play at Alabama.

I predicted 6-4 finish and I actually had us losing this game. However after that poor performance, I’m readjusting to 5-5 in the last 10 games. Our defense is just too bad to expect anything on the road. Our best chance for a road win is against a struggling LSU team who has some suspensions and will be shorthanded. If we don’t win that one, I don’t see any more road wins for us. And we’ll need to get to .500 to secure an NCAA spot.

This team has been on the brink of imploding since after the Tenn. game. They get ran out of the gym so easily. It does not matter of they are home or away.

They were forced to give MA that extension, which was a huge mistake. Because if they don’t make the NCAA’s, how do you keep him as the coach? But they are stuck with him now. I don’t care how many good players we get, he just cannot make adjustments and get these guys to play defense, half court sets, and passing. The style of play has just shown as not effective anymore.

He’s an ok coach. We have decent players, but this is a mess of a program. It’s almost as bad as the football program. Almost…

Not even close to being comparable. Basketball team being down is us being on the bubble nervous that we might not make the tournament. Football team being down is them worried that they may lose at home to Coastal Carolina. Big Difference.


I was disgusted and stopped watching 5 minutes into the second half after we allowed 5 of 5 3 points shots. I could stand losing but not this way.

There are 3 schools that still play our type of pressure uptempo. All 3 are doing just fine. I’m tired of that excuse. It’s just simply not the case that this style of basketball doesn’t work anymore.

West VA

This is the problem. Hogue had been totally flat and not scoring. He went off aginst us! Just like Allen for Florida.
We give up wide open shots through out a game and then try to make up for 35 minutes of poor effort with good defense. It doesn’t work like that. If they are going to win on the road or at home they have to play defense!
Offense too much standing and watching!
If they repeat last night they might as well just stay in the locker room. This is a fragile team that’s just soft.
They could finish 0-9 or 9-0 or anything in between. They have to play for 40 minutes.

Is it the team or the scheme? I say a combination of talent, lack of guard depth, and scheme.

Well, it certainly doesn’t help our cause to get to the NCAA’s, but we have half the SEC season to go. We’re 4-5. I think we finish the 2nd half of the schedule about like the first half. 4-5, maybe 5-4. 9-9, maybe 8-10 for the full schedule. The SEC has Florida, Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee and 3- 4 other teams, including us,fighting for a berth.

The key, in my view, is how Daniel Gafford plays. With he, Barford and Macon we are a pretty solid team. Without 1 of those guys, we are just another team struggling. Mike Anderson is going to earn his pay these last 10-12 games.

Those possession throughout the game where players are just lazy and don’t rebound or play defense is the difference between winning and losing. You can’t foul 90 feet from the basket and you need to make free throws when you go to the line.
On offense we need movement with purpose and don’t pass into a turnover!
They have a habit of going for the high light play instead of the simple play. CMA needs to get a T and stop sitting over on the sideline and watch the refs hose the hogs. We miss too many easy shots at the rim.
Gafford needs to get the ball but he also has to learn to pass back out. The play of Gafford, Macon and Bardford will be key but most important will be who pitches in too help! Hall, Beard, Trey and Thomas.
Cook can’t make a shot unless he is right at the rim and then he below 30%. I’d rather see Beard put up a 3 than Cook go up under the basket.
CMA needs another February run but this year he has a fickle bunch to deal with.

I really thought this team had broken the curse of road losses last year and it would continue going forward. Our inability to win on the road, and getting blown out when we do lose have been big surprises to me - especially after the first few games this season.

I never expected Arkansas to win at Texas A&M, so it doesn’t change my perception at all.

As I see it, Arkansas could make the NCAA Tournament with a 10-8 SEC record, maybe 9-9. How does it get there? Hold court, or come close, at home and get one more road win than home loss. I still think that’s doable. The toughest road games are behind this team.

Matt, i can’t disagree much with your evaluation.
I can see them losing one more at home and should make that loss up with a road win, maybe two. I think 10/8 is very doable.