How does the travel work for LSU

I always wondered what the visiting team does when they travel during the week. For a 6:30 pm game what does LSU do all day. I assume they head to the ballpark around 2ish. I assume for our guys it is business as usual and go to class and head to park. Does LSU get to anything other than hang around the hotel? Some other questions for those that know:

  1. Does LSU get paid to come here like we pay visiting teams in FB? Is it standard pay for SEC teams?
  2. Who pays for the travel, home or visiting team?
  3. Do the players get a stipend when they travel?
  4. Do the teams normally stay in Fayetteville or elsewhere in NWA?

Thanks for the response, just curious how all this works for the visiting teams.

SEC teams do not get paid to play conference games in any sport. The visiting team covers the travel costs. I believe players have a per diem while they are on trips.

Visiting teams stay in Fayetteville, typically at one of three places - The Chancellor on the square, Hilton Garden Inn off Wedington or Marriott Courtyard near the mall.

As far as what they do during the day, it really just depends on the team. It’s not uncommon for a quick trip to a mall or shopping center, a team meal, team meeting, etc., then get to the park about three hours before the game begins. Opposing locker rooms are never anywhere as nice as home club houses, so the team basically just gets there with enough time to get in their uniforms and get on the field to stretch, take BP, infield, etc.

Arkansas’ players are finished with classes now, so their routine is a little different this weekend.

TV guys were apparently at the same hotel as the LSU baseball (and track) teams; they talked about seeing the track guys at the breakfast buffet not touching the pancakes and syrup, and how the Duplantis brothers (one track, one baseball) were staying two rooms apart.

Every team does it different. Some do not give players per diem. They set up catered food in a banquet room and tell them, “Eat this because we don’t want to turn you loose on the town.” Some do this, so do not. I guess if you trust your players to use their money for food and not beer, you turn them loose.