How does the off-season play out?

Now, that the season is over, curious to what are everyone’s thoughts on how our off-season plays out. Who do you think we add? Who leaves early/transfers? and thoughts on next year’s line-ups? Keep in mind this thread is just opinions, don’t take anything said in here as a player is thinking of leaving/transferring.

My opinion, since we’ve had at least 2 non-seniors leave every year since CMA has got here is the trend will more than likely continue, it’s just apart of college basketball these days. The two most likely guys I see transferring are Brachen Hazen and Arlando Cook.

-Hazen played the least of any of the scholarship freshmen, plus he’s at the 4-spot which is probably the most crowded position and he’s last man in that rotation. Also, he has a younger brother that is going to Valparaiso, it also could be tempting for him to go there and play with his brother.

-Cook, his minutes dropped to end the season, he only scored 2 points the last 5 games. While he showed some flashes this year he was really inconsistent, and with Bailey showing improvement and Hall coming in next year, he could be on the outside looking in on the rotation. Also, the biggest thing with Cook is he’s had a couple of tweets that made me raise my eyebrows. One earlier in the year he was complaining about playing time, and then after the season ended he tweeted something about he’d take a player that works harder over a talented player because you know what you get. Is that a reference to Bailey playing more over him vs UNC? I don’t know, but it was interesting he posted something like that right after the loss.

As far as additions, if we lose lose 2 players, that will give us 3 scholarships to work with. Obviously the staff’s #1 target right now is Zhaire Smith. Let’s say we get him. That will leave us two more spots available. I think roster is pretty much set after that, so the staff will look to add a transfer, which CMA has done every year except last off-season, that would leave us with one left. And then with the last scholarship, barring an elite recruit becoming available, they’ll probably let Glasper hold on to the scholarship another year.

If it pans out like that, roster looks like…

(Transfer redshirting)

I see someone leaving as well. Who? Not sure. I also know there are a few “transfers” available (both graduate, and coaching carousel). I don’t think the coaching carousel will come in. Maybe a grad transfer or another JUCO. I’ll be shocked and pleased if no one leaves.

As for your lineups I disagree. To me Macon is closer to a PG than Barford. They both are a lot closer to a 2 than a PG. JMO. I also see Garland playing the 3 with Macon and Barford in the starting rotation by the time conference season roles around. It has to do with him wanting to be a PG in the NBA. Being on the court at the three (he is listed at 6’6 190, so he has the length for the SF), he can get advice from both Barford and Macon. I believe by the start of conference season you see Gafford at C. I’m not sure if Thomas, Cook, or Bailey starts at the 4, or if CMA lets Gafford play the 4 with Trey as the five. I think the starting lineup for the first game (OOC or exhibition) will be Beard PG, Macon SG, Barford SF, Thomas PF, and Thompson C. That’s just the first game, I think the rest of OOC will be switching lineups. IMO by the time conference season rolls around the lineups will be Macon/Beard PG, Barford/Smith (if we get him)/Jones SG, Garland/Hall/Barford SF, Thomas/Bailey/Cook/Gafford/Hazen PF, Gafford/Thompson C (starters listed first, working down order of play).

There is some info out there regarding us possibly getting involved with an Indiana signee should he get a release, a PG from Georgia.

Mmmmm…maybe not

If there was ever a year for that to happens seems like it would be this year, this seems to be the most closely knitted group that’s been here at Arkansas. And the underclassmen can see we have 6 seniors, so playing time will be clearing up for them after next year.

And honestly, nobody leaving, plus adding a JUCO guard would be my best off-season scenario. I like Zhaire Smith a lot, would be thrilled if we got him, but I’m still not sold on him just being that much better than Darious Hall that it would make much of a difference on the team next year. I’d rather have a JUCO guard that’s ready to come in and is ready right away that can come in with the second unit and help with ball handling responsibilities. A name RD brought up, that I really like his game is Chris Darrington. He has really good handles, can get to the rim, and he’s a great shooter. Shooting at 44% from 3 in JUCO right now.