How does the CBB to CCM transition compare to the Petrino to CBB transition?

Both were changing to a totally different offensive system. Both came in after the program had imploded. Both had to run off players who did not buy in to the new system. Why does it seem worse this time compared to last time? There are some that just don’t have the talent needed for the new scheme who need to move on. There are some, who may have had the talent, but just didn’t like the new staff. I assume Nance is one of those since he left and ended up at Missouri which has shown it is way ahead of us in talent. Would any of the insiders care to chime in on why it seems much worse this time?

It’s worse because whether we want to admit it or not (due to hatred of Petrino) CBB received a much more talented team than CCM. He inherited some really good SEC players, and some quality SEC players. Yeah the roster wasn’t great, but it was better than what chad got.

Chad inherited basically nothing. No SEC receivers. 1 SEC caliber OL, atleast that was ready to play, but the others were also not developed at all. Chad managed to get more out of Armon Watts than anyone ever has and he ended up having a decent year. Sosa was the only SEC caliber DL until the emergence of Watts, and he’s underachieved. Solid LBers at the top, but no depth. No SEC safeties. Corner talent and depth are/were under par, pulley has had his moments but he’s no all American, and had attitude issues.

Some good TEs, awful qb, inherited decent RB, but Rakeem was the best and Chad got him.

Overall there were probably about 6-8 true SEC caliber players on this team, that maybe be a stretch too.

That’s the difference, bielema truly destroyed the roster, Petrino atleast always had some guys in key positions that could really play, and Bielema inherited several really key guys from that.


Are we sure Long and Bielema were not double agents intent on destroying Razorback FB? They did a dang good job of it.

I don’t think there was a huge difference, other than Petrino left Brandon Allen (who would have been a Hog no matter who the head coach was). The offensive line was not very good either in 2013 or 2018. Conference record was the same. Both BB and CM had to weed out some bad apples left over from the previous regime.

Neither one of them were left great cupboards.

The greatest transition in recent memory was what Danny Ford left Houston Nutt.

Houston Nutt left a pretty decent group to Bobby Petrino, who benefitted from a great in-state recruiting class that had I think 11 scholarship guys - of which he got Tyler Wilson and Joe Adams to stay home.

Petrino left some for CBB, but Petrino;'s attention had gone elsewhere besides the recruiting trail.

Funny… the first time I read this I swear i saw recruiting tail… had to do a retake :lol:

Even funnier - That’s actually what I accidently typed at first, but then went rut-row and edited it. :smiley:

HDN didn’t even offer Tyler Wilson as I recall even though Tyler always wanted to be a Hog. It was Bobby’s brother who watched tape & went to Tyler’s home and offered.

One thing will be different between CCM and CBB if Morse doesn’t get the job done in the next few years… 15 million.


Please tell me the players on the 2018 roster that compare favorably to the following players - many of which played multiple years in the NFL and many of which are still playing. From a talent standpoint - top to bottom- Bielema left the program in much worse shape than he found it.

PS This does not include 2013 true freshman signed by Bielema.

Darius Philon
Trey Flowers
Brandon Allen
Jonathan Williams
Travis Swanson
Chris Smith
Deatrich Wise
Rohan Gaines
Keon Hatcher
Tevin Mitchel
Kiero Small
Chris Smith
Travis Swanson
Robert Thomas
Zack Hocker
Jevontee Herndon

Yes. Seriously. But unlike you, I don’t have an agenda. Even though I have as little respect for Bobby Petrino as I could possibly have for any alleged human being, with two possible exceptions, I don’t look for opportunities to bash him. You keep a notepad by your bed and write down things you don’t like about Bielema at 3 a.m., I think. And if you can work a rip on Bielema into a thread on any subject, you will. You’ve dropped the fifth-grade nicknames, but not all of the middle school approach is gone. Keep working on it.

LOL - as usual you deflect and don’t attempt to refute my point that the 2013 returnees Bielema inherited were much more talented than the 2018 returnees Morris inherited. Don’t blame you - it’s impossible to do.

When the facts aren’t on your side you deflect, obfuscate, change the topic, and generally look overmatched when jousting with me.

Try harder. As I’ve stated more than once no poster has been more wrong more often about Razorback football the last few than years than ole Jeff. I’ll give you this though …you are consistent … consistently wrong!:joy:

That’s a good list, so good that some of those dudes made it twice.

FYI, the best transition roster ever presented a new coach was what Lou Holtz inherited in 1977. Frank Broyles left him stocked with a national title team and he almost pulled it off.

Nutt was given some good players by Ford, too. But it lacked some SEC speed. The linemen were all top shelf and toughened by brutal practices. Nutt left Petrino some good pieces.

All I can blame for my double listing of Smith and Swanson is two Heinekens recently consumed at time of posting! :grinning:

That said, is the list of top players inherited by Morris in the same ballpark ?!?

Jeremy Patton #1 TE in juco
Brandon Martin #1 wr in juco
Chevin Calloway
McTelvin Agin 5*
TJ hammonds
Chase Hayden
Jon Vance Leading rec
Montaric Brown
Dejon Harris
Dre Greenlaw
Devwah Whaley
Austin Capps
Cj O’grady

and before you start bashing them most of them were being bragged about when recruited

Don, if you’re trying to be funny, good job. If you are seriously comparing the on-field performance of these 2 lists…then I guess we just really disagree, lol


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Yikes is correct.

This is my honest opinion, Arkansas talent now is similar to the talent when Arkansas first came to the SEC in 1992. It was poor then and is poor now. As to where the talent was to start each of the eras – Petrino, Bielema, Morris – my thought is that it’s lowest now. But degrees of poor is not really important. Poor is poor.