How does the Arkansas 2022 in state hoops class rank?

3 top 50 guys + Pinion is around 100-150. Don’t remember too many times that has been true. Has to be one of the best in state classes in recent memory. Hopefully we can replicate class of 2020 success and land the majority

Arkansas has offered six in-state prospects in the class. That’s a lot, as many as I can remember in over 35 years of following recruiting.

Obviously last year 's recruiting class had four top 100 guys. Great quality.

The 2015 class had Ky Madden, Hunter Mickelson and Aaron Ross, who didn’t make it here.

But you would probably have to go back to 99 class with Joe Johnson and some others before that.

Early 80s was pretty solid as well.

Dudley, where do we stand w the ones we’ve offered? Thx in advance

Pinion is committed.

I don’t think the other five are close to a decision.

Each one of them has told me they would like to make some visits before making decision.

I do think Arkansas is strong with all six, but would not go as far as saying any are a lock.

Lots of recruiting gossip about this bunch. Saw where Nick Smith picked up a crystal ball on one of the recruiting sites to Kentucky.

Also, that Ware favors Texas Tech and Michigan St., while Ford supposedly likes Baylor or LSU.

I know we have Pinion committed. Are we in as bad a shape with these other kids as some are making it out to be?

What is driving these top in-state players to go elsewhere? Does Arkansas need to be a top 5 or top 10 team to get their attention, or is UofA too loaded on talent, or just that they want to leave the state & play elsewhere to see the world? I am obviously biased towards Arkansas & therefore assume that most in-state kids are too.

Who says they’re going elsewhere? We have a bunch of people just guessing at this point. I doubt the kids themselves know at this point.


To be fair, it’s message board stuff, but the CB to UK on Smith happened this week. That’s not just board scuttlebutt. However, I have seen it mentioned in several places myself on the others.

Does Smith have an offer from KY?

No. And, it’s telling that he edited his top school list and put UK in there when they had not offered.

In one of his interviews, he mentioned that Cal and the KY coaches were contacting him on a regular basis. But yes, it is concerning that he listed them in his top schools. Let’s just hope that Cal remains stupid and doesn’t offer.

Continued winning this season will not hurt.

Michigan State and LSU might have looked pretty good after the Alabama game (31 pt loss, fourth L in five games).

Ironically, Moody leaving after this season and being a lottery pick could conceivably help us in the long run (even though I want him back!).

It’s not a “What” that’s guiding some of these kid’s interest levels…It’s the same situation as Archie, Malik & Reggie and I’ll leave it at that.

Very early on I was told Arkansas getting Nick Smith would be very difficult.

That’s pretty revealing.

Also, assuming Ware would be the same.

Speaks loudly. I reckon the butchers are smiling.

Ford is high on the Hogs. Don’t give up on him being a Razorback. He’s enjoying the process. He’s an amazing kid. Great human being. Very high character.

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Very difficult in the sense that everyone knew the blue bloods would be coming after Nick. Not saying Arkansas is out of it.

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