How does summer ball work financially?

You hear about many college baseball players playing all summer on Cape Cod or in the upper midwest in summer leagues. Is that sponsored to help pay the way for these players or do they pay to play picking up the tab for travel, room, board, etc? How does all of that work?

Is the low percentage of minority players on college rosters the result of high expenses to play or get developed outside of college and the low scholarship money for them in college? The Michigan coach when interviewed seemed to be on a mission to “correct” that lack of minority players on his team. Recruiting players that are great multi-sport athletes and developing them when they get on campus. Looks like that is working for him. Is this a trend to pay attention to?

There is a team in Texarkana that is part of a collegiate summer league (same league as a team from College Station and Baton Rouge, I believe). There is a team owner who’s responsible for the payroll, that includes coaches salary, a daily meal voucher for players, and travel/lodging for visiting teams. Sponsors help foot the bill.

Each player lives with a host family for the summer, that provides a place to stay, 2 meals a day, and whatever perks the individual host would like to provide. Last year’s team included Gunner Halter (Mississippi State) and the starting catcher and starting CF of Kentucky.

I’m guessing most summer leagues have a similar model.

Gunner, a friend of mine, did play in Texarkana for the twins. His dad, Shane lives here and runs a baseball training facility. Has a big group of teams that are sponsored out by him and his brother. It’s SABA, but they are going to be merging with the Sticks now, so their older prospect team can play on the Sticks. Shane played in the big leagues for 10 years, and I believe he has been a host to more than just Gunner.