How does SEC decide

Which teams wii be part of challenge and who won’t? There are 14 teams in SEC and 10 in the Big 12 which means 4 teams from SEC won’t get invited. Is it based on previous season record or what? Has Arkansas always played in the challenge? I thought there was 1 year we didn’t but I could be wrong. Is the challenge taking place and if so how long is the contract/agreement for? Thanks!

Top 10 in SEC standings in the prior season play in the challenge the following season.

Matchups are then determined by the TV folks.

The 11th through 14th teams in the previous season’s SEC standings are left out. We were excluded once, in the first year of the Challenge.

I can’t find anything that indicates how long the contract runs. We were able to create this challenge because our contract with the Big East and the 12-2’s contract with the Pac-10 for similar challenges had both expired.

Clearly, Auburn’s play this season would have merited inclusion, but they have to set the field at some point. Being able to shake up the pairings would have been nice though. Based on the respective conference standings, we would have played Texas today. In BWA, I like our chances there. In Austin, not so much.

I believe we were left out two years in a row. And I don’t think we finished in the bottom 4 in conference standings the previous year.

I read an article somewhere that schools can request out.