How does Muss tell the players to act?

Does Coach tell his players explicitly to not talk trash to the Alabama players about the shooting during the game? Or, do the players do it to Miller to try to rattle him, with or without the coach knowing?

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I think Alabama is going to come out really hyped up to try to blow us out of the building. We have to withstand that first unslaught and make some baskets or this game could get away from us very quickly.


I’ll be more interested in how the Bama fans react. Most likely they will treat him like a hero. They will make sure he knows they don’t care about anything but winning. No class in Bama. See the Rama Jama cheer as a shiny example.

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This is a business trip. We can talk after we win.


Exactly. Play ball and keep the old trap closed as much as possible.


The less said the better. Let our play do our talking.


Agree keep the mouth closed a much as possible. Unless it’s impossible. Just win

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