How does Moody compare with Isaiah Joe

just wondering does Moody have the ability to create his own shot,I have seen him a couple times on TV and seen him get inside a few times but mostly hung out at the 3 line kind of like Isaiah does…hopefully he can score inside and out.

I would say that while he is a very good deep shooter, he is not the pure shooter that Isaiah is.

But he probably does have a better mid-range and take it to the rack game.

ok thanks…who do you think will be PG next yr…KK or Davonte?

Heck if I know.

Might be JD Notae.

There’s no real way to make an accurate “guess” right now.

The coach knows what he wants and will have options.

okie doke.

Good call Dudley on both Moses and Notae. Spot on as far as Moses. And good guess on Notae. He has the experience,

At Arkansas, I have not seen the “pure shooter that Isaiah is” since Marvin Delph; and I’d say Martin Terry before that. The point is, Isaiah is special, he’s also just a sophomore playing on a team without a great PG or a normal D1 center. It may be hard for some to see I-Joe’s specialness because of the make up of this team and how our opponents can attack him.

It may cost him some short term money, but my view is he could be dynamic next season at Arkansas.

I’d like to think that he and Moody could play on the same team.

The vast majority of Martin Terry’s points were scored from 15 feet in and from the FT line. He was a master at drawing fouls and converting. An imaginary three-point line would not significantly increase his point total.

I beg to differ. Rotnei Clarke was one of the purest shooters I have seen. That quick release and the mechanics on the shot were perfect.

Dusty wasn’t chopped liver either.

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Pat Bradley and Rotnei clark were Money! pure as can be IMO

And Pat Bradley and Jannero Pargo.

And then there was Alex Dillard…


I totally agree with you. I hate to admit it because Rotnei left Mike in a tough spot when he transferred. I think Joe is by far the better overall player, especially defensively. If there were a contest to see who could make the most 3s when shooting 100 shots, I’d take Rotnei all day long.

Fact is we have had some really good shooters.
The Boot was money at clutch time & real money at the FT line

But there was only one “shootah”

Marvin Delph was in a class by himself…you younger people don’t have a clue. All the others were good shooters…Delph was phenomenal.

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Delph was outstanding shooter. No question about that. He is from my era, But some of the others we have mentioned here are equally good.

Your comment sounds like the comment people from my era seem to make all the time. The good old days syndrome.

Folks often forget what a leaper Delph was. With a 7-footer in the starting lineup, it was the 6’4" Delph that jumped center.

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If you look at all the shooters we have talked about, Marvin was a better athlete than all of them by a wide margin. Rare combo of athleticism and shooting skills.

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