How does Harris take last shot?

1/6 and he takes last shot?

I think that was a pass (a bad one) to Gafford. He made two bad decisions on that possession. The first was taking too long to start the drive toward the basket.

He does it all the time. That’s one reason they’ve lost several of these one possession games—bad decision making when it matters most.

When he started knocking holes in the floor with the dribble and Missouri surrounded him he did exactly what he intended and that was attempt to go to Gafford. He couldn’t see nothing and just threw it up and never had a chance. Losing play again.
The big issue is it shouldn’t have come down to that. Guard somebody and don’t leave shooters wide open from 3 would start. Learn to rebound. Don’t walk the ball. I’m just disappointed

You thought he was shooting? My gosh!

You say all the time? What was the last game we lost on the last possession because Harris waited too long to start the drive? Take all the time you need.

I would like to see the ball go up by a shooter. Anybody not named Harris.
He did make 4/4 free throws but he was 1/6 on FG’s. Normal for this young team.
They have done this all year and it won’t change. Wasted another year with Gafford. Clean up the roster and send the dead weight packing. Next year!

They were trying to get the same exact play that Harris had run so perfectly just before. Missouri did a better job defending the second time.

I think he did something similar at the end of the game against Western Kentucky.


It don’t work there either. Where did the passing game go? The Vandy game possession made me consider that’s what was going to happen. Or a drive by Jones.
Didn’t even get a shot up that’s what stinks. I’d rather get by by 20 as get beat by 1’. It stinks plain and simple.

We had a great opportunity to steal a game and could not even get a decent shot off. It appears that whatever our last play was, it was executed poorly. If it was not a set play, we need to draw up several plays that will at least get us a decent chance to score. WPS

I think it’s time that Coach Anderson sits Harris on the bench for awhile. That last series was one of the worst I’ve seen from a point guard. He continues to take 3 point shots when he has to be one of the worst three point shooters if not the worst in college basketball. He cost us that game last night. He also continues to make poor decisions at time in games.

Touch crowd for Harris. He had 6 points, 5 assist (only 1 turnover), 4 rebounds, and went 4/4 at the line making some clutch free throws. He also assisted on the Gafford lob to put us down only by 1 point, and drew the foul to get us the ball back. But, he’s getting bashed because of the last play? I’ll be honest he didn’t execute it properly as he could have, however, a thing most of you didn’t catch is he made a really smart play, lobbing it up for Gafford and giving him a chance, that ball he lobbed was almost perfect, had the Ref done his job and called the hook and hold, which is the only reason Gafford didn’t get the ball, Harris would be the hero today. I posted this picture in another thread, go back and watch that play, the Mizzou player literally held Gafford down to where he couldn’t jump that high, then fell on him afterwards and was no call at all. Tennessee won that close Vanderbilt game they had in a similar situation because the ref actually made the right call.


With all due respect to Harris the good outweigh the bad by far, but at the end of 1 possession games maybe the ball should be in Jones hands who seems to have more confidence to make a play. That’s up to the coach to make that decision. Even though Harris looked out of control he still almost made a great pass to Gafford for the lob dunk.
If Gafford would have got any of the bad calls/no calls to go his way as they should have maybe different outcome as well.
Also we wasted several possessions when Mizzu was handing the game to us late.

I generally try to stay out of these post-game threads when we lose, because I don’t see any need to pile on when others are already voicing their thoughts about where we “fell short”. If I have any thoughts about a player, I usually take a day or two to get over the emotion of the game and then post.

However, in reading the last few posts in this thread - about how Daniel was fouled on the last play but we didn’t get a whistle . . . did anyone else notice that he appeared to have been punched or otherwise man-handled about 3 or 4 other times that were not even called fouls? I don’t have them documented individually as to when they occurred, or who did what - specifically. But there were times when we had the ball and my eye was on whoever was dribbling, and the - bam - there Daniel would go to the ground. The one that did stop down the game was when he caught an elbow in his back. But I’m talking about times when he was pushed/thrown out of the key and onto the ground. And none of them were called as fouls.

In generally, I prefer “letting them play” as opposed to having a whistle blown at every little touch. But you can’t tell me Daniel wasn’t fouled on at least some of those.

Dan took a beating this game. He manned up to gets his points when could, but no way the refs let him dish out evenly as he took.