How does Gus handle Authority?

Gus’s side of the story regarding his problems with HDN was well documented by the Arkansas media.

It was not covered much in Arkansas, but it was believed he and Todd Graham didn’t mesh at Tulsa.

Many say he wants out of Auburn because of differences in opinion with Auburn administrators.

This is strictly rumor but some say he’s pushing Tim Horton for A.D. at Arkansas. Obviously, Tim would be a pushover for Gus.

Am I over-speculating?

Yes. I think you’re over-speculating. However, you raise a valid question about Gus & authority–at least in the football area. It’s possible he’s pushing Tim for AD here. Heck, if he wants to come here & is communicating that to boosters here, why not push his own pick for AD? Regardless, I don’t think anyone is going to hire someone as AD who has no experience on the administrative side of athletics & has never spent even a year as a coordinator or HC. At least those require some kind of administrative duties.

I have nothing at all against Tim. I’d like to see him on the field here in some capacity or in the athletic dept in some capacity–maybe even in line to become the AD–but you don’t hire someone with his limited resume to be the head guy all of a sudden.

I agree! Tim seems to be a man of great character, but he is not experienced in this area. We need to sit back and let the Chancellor and BOT do their jobs without a lot of pressure from the fans. I don’t think our university is operating anything like the one at Tennessee.