How does Chavis get the defense better on 3rd down?

He talked about our lack of success in getting off the field after 3rd down in an interview I read recently. Yesterday, we weren’t really very good on 3rd down. I don’t pretend to be a guy who knows the X’s and O’s in football, but I did see us several times on 3rd and long just rush the 4 down lineman and not get much rush, then we got torched.

I do understand we are undermanned at linebacker and don’t have an experienced front 4 with Gerald out, so what do you do when 3rd down arises? Chavis is not a bring-the-house kind of guy or he hasn’t been with the Hogs, anyway. It looks like he has decided the best thing is rush 4 and hope his other 7 make a play or our opponent makes a mistake.

If we are going to win an SEC game, aren’t we going to have to take some chances and gamble on 3rd down more? It is so agonizing to watch us play well for a couple of downs, get to 3rd down and not stop our opponent. This is not just a Chavis problem…it’s been going on years. Chris Ash comes to mind, as I vent.

I heard Clint Stoerner say in an interview, when you are not as good as the other team, you have to take some chances or you aren’t going to have much success lining up and going straight up on a team. Yesterday, we won despite giving up around 450 yards and 34 points against a decent Colorado State team, but Colorado State had the ball tied 34-34 and missed that field goal, which
was a turning point in the game.

How do we play this when we play Texas A+M or another SEC team?

Any former coaches out there to give their take on what to do with this defense?

There are very few jobs on earth that the most experienced person is not best.
And there are no magic formulas.

So talent, experience, wisdom and the ability to work together is most successfu in any field,. Football included.

CSU was 4 of 14 on third down. Arkansas was 6 of 12 on 3rd down. Not bad either way for the Hogs.

I think Chavis knows his business. I also think we’ve just come “off the death penalty “ as clays column said. We finished yesterday’s game with a PILE of freshmen on D in the 4th quarter. I really think our D is going to improve this season, and even more as we recruit better. We’ll all find out together!


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The young DEs can and will improve technique, but they are not going to get bigger and stronger until the off-season So they are going to have some bad moments against good SEC offenses. The good news is that they are going to do some good things and get a ton of experience. There’s also a lot more speed and talent in the secondary than we’ve had in some time, but it’s all young guys, so there is a learning curve for the secondary.

One encouraging thing the first three games this season has been the ability to force turnovers. You can give up more yards if you can make the other guys turn it over more frequently. I think that’s the way this bunch has to play this year for us to somehow reach the end of the long, long road to six wins. Play hard, try to generate turnovers, and find a way to make enough stops.

There were a number of whiffs by defenders on both teams Saturday. Seems to me no matter who you play, holding the opposition to field goals is a big win. Tackling in space is the key. There’s a lot to be said for being subtle enough to disguise 3rd down blitzes if you want to go that route. Maybe our current group of DBs will develop into an Alabama receiver mauling defense.