How Does Brett Stand It?

I have watched half of the Ark v UCA game and think Brett Dolan is a saint.
Your play by play guy should not have to fight to get a word in, but the endless yacking of Z makes it hard for him to call the game and there is not a moment of silence.

Amen. BTW, I didn’t listen today, but I know how MZ is.

I had to mute it several times and you should not have to do it.
And the game is over and he is still talking.
I refuse to listen to the men on radio.
I must be in the minority in this because they keep him around when we must have an ex-player that could do the job and know his role in the broadcast.
Zim summed himself up when they were talking about Daniels and Saylor playing hs lacrosse I think it was and he said he knew nothing about lacrosse, but he knows he would be good at it and he could sure coach it.
For a failed coach who they stuck in the broadcast booth to keep him around that is pretty hard to take.
I know that it harsh, but my nerves are shot man!

Amen. Wish they would just let Manny Watkins do the color commentary

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