How do you spell Texas?

With 21 Ks. Hail State.


I certainly wouldn’t mind Texas being sent back to Austin by two SEC teams. How do you think they stack up against Tenn, the other Evil Orange Empire?

Well done, Clay!

That, I hope, is a CWS record for 21 K’s to wear forever…

Fingers crossed & hopeful that ut does not make a comeback similar to NC St in the Super regional. Still cringing that ut is in the CWS.

Big strike zone in that game. Texas did not hit much against the three SEC teams in Arlington. I hope that continues for one more game.


I bet they’re two pretty evenly matched teams. That’s probably true of everyone in Omaha. However, losing the first game puts both UT’s behind the 8 ball.

I remember the old game with the 8-ball. I hope it says, “Long dry stretch coming for both.”

True. I hope they play thrtieen innings and have at least twenty-four total runs scored with EOK winning by one run.

another thing about Texas…with all due respect to South Florida, Texas had USF in their Super Regional. I think 3/4 in Ruston would have proven tougher than South Florida, and NC State was definitely tougher.

And as for the Regional; they did not have any team coming close to the Big 10 Champ Nebraska.

Very easy road via Austin to Omaha

It is all about who is playing well at Regional time. There is great parity now. And different teams catch fire or cool off.

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