How do you "send" private messages........

…the FAQ list says to contact an administrator. I have a PM in my outbox but don’t find the “send” button anywhere.

I’ve done it by clicking on the board name of the person I want to PM. A new window will open up that you will probably be able to navigate to get a PM sent.

I just sent you one using the same method.

Or you can go through your profile to a screen that has PM message directions.

Did all of that and there is no “send” button that I can find. Yours came through so I know it can work but not for me so far.

Actually, I don’t have a “send” button either. But toward the bottom right is a “submit” button on my screen.

But I acknowledge there are some chinks for me on this board also. There are selected threads that I cannot post in. Haven’t figured that out yet, either.

All I got is a draft of my message with no “submit”, no “send”, nothing, zilch, nada, that sends the message.

At the bottom of the box where you type your message should be 3 buttons.
Save Draft, Preview, Submit


Shouldn’t there also be the same three at the bottom of the PM in the Outbox?

If it is in the outbox, haven’t you already sent it?

If it had been sent then it would be in the Sent Folder and there is nothing there. When there was no “submit” or “send” button at the bottom, I exited out and I guess it saved a draft of the PM. Still no way to send when I open it up. Am I the only one with this problem?

I just sent you a pm. It is now in my Outbox. I suspect that when you read it, it will be in the Sent folder.

I just sent a PM to you Baumbastic, it is still in the outbox folder.
So if you read it, only then does it move to the sent folder?

I believe that is correct. All of mine that were previously in the outbox are now in the sent box.

And there you go! :!:

Yep, all good hear.