How do you listen to Hog Baseball

I don’t think I’m going to pay 30$ for 3 games and ticks me the off the best tournament in the yr will not be streamed free somewhere, haven’t listened to a game in yrs. How do you go about listening?

Because you’re out of state, your best bet will be through the Arkansas Razorbacks’ GameDay app. The audio should also be on the Razorbacks’ website.

These are the radio affiliates in Arkansas. The game broadcasts are blacked out on their website live streams.

That’s what I remembered ,it being on the website, won’t be able to download app because don’t have enough I will see, have to work right close to game time because FedEx been off since Monday due to weather and we about to get slammed trying to catch up

I signed up for Flo sports but is asking what language I was to speak and English not in there what do I do?i assume it’s defaulted to English

I’ve quit listening to the radio, I only use the Ark GameDay app. I even use it at the games. I do understand if you don’t have enough space. If I were out of space I’d find something else to delete. But that’s me. :smiley:

Well it gives me 2-3 that I really can’t afford to delete, but heck I decided to go ahead and get flosports now so hopefully that will work well…

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