How do you like us now Chris Moore?

Now that we’re on our way? Oh well, he was always gonna be the Billy Preston of that quintet anyway.

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Will it fly high… (like it)

I think Billy had better feet than Chris. Dude could move. Got more PT with the Beatles than Chris would have got with the Hogs.

Love it

I saw Billy Preston play keyboards for Eric Clapton in a concert at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. The guy had the biggest hands and longest fingers I have ever seen. He is one heck of a musician.

He was. Left us a few years ago. When I need a little inspiration, I like to pull up his live performance of That’s The Way God Planned it on YouTube.

Looking forward to seeing the Peter Jackson doc on the Beatles which apparently will included a lot of never-seen-before film behind the scenes. Billy Preston is seen frequently in the trailer, so I’m sure the “fifth Beatle” will get some love in that movie.

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