How do you like Manny now?

Four years ago all heck broke loose when we ‘signed’ Manuale Watkins from Fayetteville High. I don’t think things calmed down until it was announced that he would not be on schollly his first year. Seems not many thought much of Manny. Regretfully, Manny’s first year was a waste. Wish he had redshirted, but that would have violated the great unwritten law of the basketball universe. By his sophomore year Manny was a solid contributor and this year he was universally acknowledged as the glue guy. As someone said, he did Manny things to help this team win. What a fine young man. What a great Razorback. Que it Toby…How do ya like him now? How do ya like him now?

Desi Rodriguez 4-17
Justin Jackson 5-14

Manny was the primary defender for both. He was giving up a few inches to both. Heck of a defensive showing in Greenville.

I get why people got frustrated with him. Defenses could generally ignore him on the perimeter, even with his improved shooting. That would’ve been less of an issue if there had been decent play at the 4.

But he was by far their best perimeter defender and the best vocal leader on the team (in my mind). The intangibles and under-the-radar stuff he brought to the table won’t be easy to replace.

Our successful teams in the past always had one solid defender. Manny became one for this team. Now we need to find one for the next rounds. I always liked him and wanted him involved with offense more.

Manny has been a great Razorback. Great defender, energy guy, glue guy, leader–became a better offensive player in his senior year and was key to many wins this year.

Defintely turned out to be a much bigger contributor than I had thought would be the case. Will miss him next year.

Pass that walk on baton to RJ, Manny

I think RJ very well could be the next in that line. He kind of reminds me a little of JJ Frazier.

Manny has been a great young man and he showed heart! He never gave up and fought for every ball on every play. His offense has been there he knew his role and just did not put up many shots.
I hope R. J gets a chance to show what he brings to the team. I have that hope for every member of our team! I want to see all of them score and make solid defensive plays! They all work their tails off in the off season and practice.
Next year we will miss Manny, Mosses and Dusty! I’m proud they are Razorbacks !

Well said.

I’ll admit I was one that got frustrated with Manny passing down open shots, but man did he catch confidence in that shot at Texas A&M and never looked back after that. He had a very good senior year.

Didn’t stuff the stat sheet,didn’t try to play beyond his capabilities, always gave 100%. There’s no doubt in my mind without Manny it would have been questionable if we make it to the dance, he was the glue that kept this team together. Next year may even prove more how important he was once we play without him. Congratulations to all the seniors! WPS

He was respected by his teammates so he could chew on them about defense and blocking out. He was an amazing defender that exceeded his talent level (moderate speed and quickness).

I feel that Beard could take over his role of glue, defender, and holding teammates accountable on the floor this next year.

Manny is definitely the “unsung” hero of this team. He’s my kind of player. Give’s 100% every possession and leads by example and verbally. Playing great D starts with hustle. Manny never let up. Never.

A great Razorback. I predict he’ll be a great coach one day.